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25 Years on: Alimak Hek make History at Australia’s Parliament House

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Alimak rebrands product and service offerings

Following the merger of Alimak and Hek in 2001, the Swedish global market leader and pioneer in designing, developing, manufacturing and servicing vertical access solutions for the industrial and construction sectors has operated under the brand Alimak Hek.

To streamline the communication towards our customers, all the product lines within Construction, General Industry and Oil & Gas will be named and labelled “Alimak”. Consequently, the Hek products, representing transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms, and the Heis-Tek products, including traction elevators for offshore operations, will all simply be rebranded to “Alimak”. The ambition is to continue building a strong Alimak brand, with its inherent DNA, and include the core values and DNA of the Hek and Heis-Tek Products.

Industrial Elevators

Alimak industrial elevators are used in all kinds of industries. With these elevators, customers are better able to access, monitor and service key processes in their plants. The elevators will improve operational efficiency, give superior HSE performance and reduce maintenance costs in any industrial application.

Industrial Elevators

Ocean Apex Refurbishment
Alimak Hek extend the life of four U500 elevators on board Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Apex

Ocean Apex semi-submersible

Mt Isa Mines Lead Smelter Chimney Stack
Alimak industrial lift provides access to 270m lead smelter chimney stack at Mt Isa Mines

Mt Isa Mines Lead Smelter Chimney

Alimak Hek's first dual high speed hoist sale to Icon for their 46 level building in Melbourne's CBD
Alimak Hek's first dual high speed hoist sale to Icon for their 46 level building in Melbourne's CBD

Icon Co, Shadowplay

Oil & Gas Offshore

Since Alimak’s offshore elevators first entered the oil & gas market in 1974, over 1,000 elevators have been delivered to the industry. Three factors drive this success:

Oil & Gas Offshore

Christmas Creek Iron Ore Crushers
Christmas Creek Mine sees Australia’s first Alimak industrial lifts installed on an iron ore crushing plant

Christmas Creek Mine

Coal Handing & Preparation Plant
Alimak SE industrial lift is predesigned into coal handling prep plant at Wesfarmers' Curragh Mine

Curragh Mine Coal Handling & Preparation Plant

Alimak elevator at work at an Aluminum Smelter
Alimak elevator at work at an Aluminum Smelter

Fjarðaál Aluminum Smelter

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