Oil and Gas

Since Alimak elevators first entered the oil & gas market in 1974, several hundred elevators have been delivered to the industry. Two factors drive this success:

The unique characteristics of the Rack and Pinion drive principle, because of the ruggedness and dependability that it brings to the elevators, as well as the proven suitability for explosion protected operation.

Our capacity and experience in providing the technical and administrative support necessary to meet the stringent demands of the offshore industry.

All kinds of platforms

Over the years, we have developed various types of elevators, both for semi-submersible drilling rigs (SSM), production platforms, drill ships and FPSO's. The elevators are installed in hull columns, on derricks, and outside platform modules.

Alimak Hek also supports in the construction of oil & gas facilities with temporary vertical access solutions.

Customer profitability

In a 'time is money' world, we ensure customers get materials and personnel transported higher, faster and safer.