Alimak lift improves access on the plant’s bagging facility

Cement blending plant, Glasgow, UK

In September 2003, Alimak Hek Ltd, UK completed the installation of an Alimak lift at a cement blending plant in Glasgow. The lift was installed to improve access to the facility’s multiple floors, which were originally served by external stairs.

In an industrial environment such as a cement blending plant, lifts are subjected to prolonged periods of abrasive use. That is why the client chose an Alimak lift. The lift’s rack and pinion drive system allows use in high winds, abrasive environments, and inclement weather conditions that most lifts would not be able to withstand.

Another advantage of Alimak lifts is that there is no need for a supportive lift shaft, machine room, or an excavated pit, because all of the drive equipment is housed on the lift car itself. Together, these factors gave Alimak Hek the edge over other drive systems, helping Alimak Hek Ltd. to secure the contract.

A testament to the design and construction expertise of Alimak Hek, the lift installation has earned the acclaim of the client and the workers who use it on a daily basis.

Elevator details

Tarmac Northern cement blending plant, Glasgow, UK
Installation year
Bagging facility
Lift type
300 kg
Lift car size
0.78 m x 1.04 m x 2.17 m (W x L x H)
0.6 m/s
Lifting height
No. of landings
Cement blending plant

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