Alimak lifts serve the silos

German Cement Plants, Germany

Large silos for Lime, Cement, Flyash, Grain, etc. require frequent access for maintenance and inspection up to heights of 70 metres, or more. The lift must be robust, with high reliability and quality levels to withstand the harsh environmental problems created by dust, dampness, and heat. The Alimak rack and pinion lift system is becoming world famous due to its ability to overcome these types of environmental problems.

Suitable for both outdoor and indoor installations on new and existing silos, Alimak lifts can facilitate dramatic reductions in capital expenditure by not requiring lift rooms and load bearing shafts.

These were the main reasons Heidelberger Zement A.G., a leading company in the German Cement Industry, chose Alimak lifts.

Four Alimak lifts have been at work on this company’s silos for more than 10 years, and their experience illustrates the reliability of the Alimak rack and pinion system and its low cost of ownership.

With a range of standard Alimak lifts from 300 kg – 2,400 kg, capacity and lifting height capability are well in excess of the range of silo heights.

Heidelberger Zement A.G. chose an Alimak lift type 4/9, with a capacity of 400 kg/5 persons, and a lifting height of 37 meters, incorporating the following features:

  • Top and bottom landings with mechanically and electrically interlocked landing doors 
  • Telephone system for communication between the landings and lift car
  • The unique Alimak cable trolley system, which continuously tensions the cable even in high wind conditions
  • Centrifugal braking system, which enables the car to be lowered under controlled speed in the event of a power failur

Elevator details

Installation year
Lift type
400 kg
Lift car size
0.7 m x 0.9 m x 2.15 m (W x L x H)
0.66 m/s
Lifting height
37 m
German Cement Plants

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