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Clinical centre Saarbrücken, Germany

Five HEK MSM Super mast climbing work platforms in single and two mast version helped to renovate the clinker brick facade of the clinical centre in Saarbrücken and to replace the windows at the same time.

During the erection of the work platforms and the renovation of the whole facade the clinical centre needed to stay on duty. Also the delivery and erection of the mast climbers mustn't hamper the ambulance vehicles in emergency cases.  Due to these challenges our engineers secured systematic planning of the erection process and explicit consulting during the whole project. Additionally the HEK MSM mast climbers had to be customized to fit the to-be removed balconies on the west side of the clinical centre. Base for this modification were the extendable tubes the mast climbing work platforms are equipped with. As standard, the platform measures 1.5 m wide, but can be extended to 2.5 m using these tubes. Furthermore the ground frames of the masts had to be placed exactly around several light wells on site to ensure accurate load distribution of the up to 4.000 kg pay load. Thanks to the fully modular design of the MSM Super the individual characteristics of the building could be considered. As an additional safety aspect a special rubber lip seal has been installed restraining small parts to fall from the platform. Using the detailed schedule of Alimak Hek and according to the construction progress the clinical centre took the sickrooms out of operation. This ensured that the patients were not disturbed in their recovery during the renovation.

Project details

Klinikum Saarbrücken, Deutschland (Clinical centre Saarbrücken, Germany)
Platform type
No. of platforms
Up to 4.000 kg (depending on configuration)
Platform size
Up to 32,2 m incl. HEK Megadeck
7 m/min
Lifting height
40 m
Rental period
Innovative technology for modern medicine

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