The new age of Alimak high-speed rack & pinion construction hoists

One Central Park, NSW, Australia

The One Central Park development will see the end of an era with the decommissioning of the original Alimak high-speed counterweight hoists. The new generation of Alimak Scando 650 FC-S construction hoists will set the industry standard for speed, performance and durability.

Given the large number of hoists required on the One Central Park project, a mix of old and new high-speed hoists were employed. As the last of their fleet, two Alimak counterweight hoists were positioned on the East tower, providing men and materials with access to 33 levels during construction. Upon completion of the tower, the two counterweight hoists will be decommissioned and replaced with the new Alimak Scando 650 FC-S high-speeds. Located on Block 5c of the One Central Park development, a twin 650 FC-S high-speed aids in the transport of the development’s 1000 workers on site daily. With a capacity of 3100kg, the 650 FC-S operates at speeds of up to 100m/min with a maximum standard lifting height of 400m.

Unlike their predecessor, the new Alimak Scando 650 requires no counterweight, instead powered by three 22kw frequency controlled motors to drive the system through high-efficiency gearboxes. Frequency control provides smooth starting and stopping, while the ALC-II Alimak Lift Control System reduces waiting time and provides an internal fault diagnostic system. The 650 FC-S has lower power consumption, resulting in less wear and tear and a reduction in breakdowns, while less jump time minimizes interruptions and reduces site downtime.

With old and new Alimak high-speed hoists working alongside one another at the One Central Park development, it is evident how far Alimak high-speed technology has developed in recent years. As the last of the Alimak counterweight hoists are phased out, the 650 FC-S sets a new industry standard for speed, performance and durability in high-speed construction hoists.

Construction hoist details

One Central Park, NSW, Australia
Product Model
Mixed use development, construction hoist
No. of landings
3100 kg
Car size
1.5 m x 3.9 m
100 m/ min
Lifting height
73 m
One Central Park

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