15 Alimak derrick and column elevators on Semi-submersible rigs

Sedco Energy, Sedco Express and Sedco Cajun, Offshore Elevators

15 Alimak elevators and one 25,000 kg transport platform have been installed on the Sedco semi-submersible drilling rigs Sedco Energy, Sedco Express and Sedco Cajun.

Alimak elevators have been installed in three new Sedco semi-submersible drilling rigs delivered in 2000: Sedco Energy, Sedco Express and Sedco Cajun. Each rig has four 1,000 kg capacity elevators in the hull columns, length of travel 26 m, and an additional, smaller elevator in the derricks, adding up to a total of 15 elevators for the three rigs.

The Sedco order also includes the manufacture of special transport platforms, size 4 x 1.7 metres with 25 tonne capacity, two for each rig. The platforms will be used to transport generators and pumps when brought up for overhaul. The elevator car will then be lifted off its guides on the mast and the platform takes its place on the elevator mast. The other end of the platform is supported by a Ubeam fixed to the opposite wall of the column. When not used, the platforms will be stored vertically inside the hull.

The Alimak Rack & Pinion Advantage

  • Elevator concept developed for rough industrial environments
  • Simple and cost efficient installation
  • No separate machine room
  • No lift-well or hoistway trunk needed
  • Simple interface to structure
  • Narrow installation profile
  • Suitable drive system for curves and inclines
  • Explosion protected lifts for hazardous areas
  • Operation not affected by rolls, pitches or heaves
  • Easy to retrofit to existing structures
  • Can also be installed outside platforms

Elevator details

Semi-submersible drilling rigs, Hull Columns and Derricks
Sedco Express, Energy and Cajun, Singapore
DCN Brest, France
Sedco Forex, Singapore
Elevator types
Rack & Pinion
Hull columns
12 Alimak Scando Mini 10/14 SP
Total travel
26 metres
4 total
1,000 kg
0.50 metres/second
3 Alimak SE-3 special
Total travel
50 metres
4 total
300 kg
0.54 metres/second
Transport platform
Alimak Transport Platform, Special
25,000 kg
4 x 1.7 metres
Sedco Energy

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