Alimak meet site regulations and shutdown timeframes on petro-chemical plant upgrade

Petroleum Refinery, Australia

A temporary Alimak rack and pinion hoist was installed at the petroleum refinery, providing access to the Reformer Tower during plant shutdown and refurbishment. Alimak worked in compliance with all site safety regulations, operating conditions and timeframes.

An Alimak Scando rack and pinion construction hoist was installed at the petroleum refinery for use during the shutdown, refurbishment and reconditioning of the hydrogen production unit, known as the Reformer BHU. Given the highly flammable environment of the petro-chemical plant, and the nature of the products produced, strict safety and operating conditions were enforced on site. Working within facility requirements, Alimak provided a temporary access solution that allowed shutdown work to be completed within the designated timeframe.

In order to complete necessary maintenance and upgrades to the facility on schedule, a means of transporting men and materials to the upper levels of the 43m steel Reformer Tower was required. An Alimak Scando rack and pinion hoist proved the perfect solution, meeting size, weight, capacity and height requirements on site.

Alimak engineers designed and manufactured unique brackets with extra long ties to fasten the mast sections to the tower’s irregular steel structure, in accordance with petro-chemical plant safety requirements. In addition, extended landing platforms were fitted at the 33m and 37m landings, providing a safe walkway from hoist car to tower.

Installation and dismantle of the temporary rack and pinion hoist was carried out in compliance with strict site working regulations, with Alimak technicians monitoring the use of all power tools and completing work within pre-arranged time frames.


Petroleum Refinery, Australia
Product model
Refinery shutdown, temporary hoist
No. of landings
1200 kg
Car size
2.0 m x 1.5 m
40 m/min
Lifting height
37 m
Petroleum Refinery Shutdown Access

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