30 Alimak lifts improve access on ship-to-shore cranes in Benelux ports

Ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, Benelux

Alimak Hek has supplied a total of 30 ALIMAK SE-L rack and pinion access lifts for container cranes in Antwerp and Rotterdam ports. The units include 24 ALIMAK SE-L 300 lifts with heights of 33 m and 39 m, and six 36- m ALIMAK SE-L 450 lifts.


One lift was installed in Rotterdam for Interforest. Ten lifts were installed on Kalmar’s super post-Panamax shipto- shore cranes at the MSC Home Terminal in Antwerp for the Mediterranean Shipping Co/Hesse-Noord Natie Joint Venture. PSA/Hesse-Noord Natie Antwerp is using two lifts for its Noordzeeterminal at Quay 913, and six for the Deurganckdok quay 913.

The remaining six lifts were purchased for a consortium of P & O Ports Antwerp, P & O Nedlloyd, and Duisport for use on the new terminal of Deurganckdok. With a total quay length of 2500 m, the terminal has a capacity of 3.5 million TEU’s.

ALIMAK SE-L Crane Lift

Incorporating the same quality standards as the proven ALIMAK SE range of lifts, the L-version has been re-engineered to meet the unique technical and economic demands of the shipping, ports, and terminal industries.

Available with 300 kg, 400 kg, or 450 kg capacities, the ALIMAK SE-L range also features two car operating systems; single-automatic or a semi-automatic control system.

Alimak Hek has been producing access lifts for ports around the world since 1971 and has installed Alimak lifts in almost 100 countries.

Lift details

Ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, Benelux
Installation year
Ship-to-shore gantry cranes
Lift type
No. of lifts
24 ALIMAK SE-L 300; 6 ALIMAK SE-L 450
300 kg and 450 kg
Lift car size
0.78 m x 1.04 m and 0.91 m x 1.17 m
0.63 m/s at 50 Hz and 0.76 m/s at 60 Hz
Lifting height
Varying from 33 m to 39 m
Crane manufacturer
Kalmar Industries, Netherlands
Ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam

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