50 Alimak lifts improve crane access

Port of Los Angeles, USA

The 7,500-acre Port of Los Angeles is the busiest container port in the USA and the 13th busiest in the world. Handling nearly 190 million metric revenue tons of cargo annually at its 27 cargo terminals, the Port moved a record 8.5 million TEUs in 2007 (a Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit, or TEU, represents the cargo capacity of a standard shipping container measuring 20 feet long x 8 feet wide x 8.5 feet high).

Contributing to the Port of Los Angeles’ efficiency are 50 Alimak lifts. Improving access to ship-to-shore cranes for operators and maintenance personnel, the cranes provide fast, safe, and reliable vertical transport in any weather, day in and day out.

The first Alimak lift to be installed at the port was delivered to Hitachi America Ltd. in 1986 for use on a ship to shore crane. Since then, four dozen additional lifts have joined the port’s crane fleet. These include 26 ALIMAK SCANDO MINI lifts, 9 ALIMAK ALICOM lifts and 13 ALIMAK SE lifts.

Offered with an extensive choice of add-on features, Alimak lifts are designed to operate in demanding industrial environments, outdoors and indoors. Since 1971, we have supplied several hundred lifts for container cranes in US ports and more than 2000 Alimak lifts have been installed in ports worldwide. The Alimak rack and pinion drive system offers advantages over wire rope and hydraulic lifts. Because an Alimak rack and pinion lift carries its own machinery, it does not require an expensive machine room or load-bearing lift shaft.

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Port of Los Angeles, California, USA
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Port of Los Angeles

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