Alimak industrial lift provides ship access at the Williamstown Shipyard Nelson Pier

Nelson Pier, Williamstown Shipyard, VIC, Australia

An Alimak SE rack and pinion industrial lift is installed within an access tower at Williamstown Shipyard’s Nelson Pier. Used as the primary means of gaining access to the hulls of docked ships, the Alimak lift improves safety at the shipyard by providing emergency and stretcher access.

Alimak Hek was awarded the contract to design, manufacture and install an Alimak rack and pinion men and materials lift at Williamstown Shipyard’s Nelson Pier. Located in the north of Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay, Nelson Pier has undergone a multi-million dollar upgrade to accommodate increased traffic at the port. Infrastructure improvements included the construction of a new 40m mooring dolphin, access towers and brows to allow personnel and equipment to reach ship hull-decks from the pier level. An Alimak industrial rack and pinion lift was pre-designed into the new infrastructure to provide vertical transport to the hulls of docked ships, via the pier’s access tower.

Commissioned in July 2012, the Alimak SE lift provides vertical access to ships’ hulls from the pier ground level, allowing for the easy movement of men, materials and equipment, as well as providing emergency stretcher access. Site conditions made it necessary for the lift to be fitted to the inclined ramp of the pier; the flexible nature of the Alimak SE industrial lift range made this easily possible.

As the primary means of access to the hulls of ships docked at Nelson Pier, the Alimak industrial lift is used to transport personnel, materials, tools and equipment, freeing up use of the pier cranes. Selected for its extended car size and 1600kg capacity, the Alimak SE lift is capable of carrying palletized loads and emergency stretchers.

The incorporation of the Alimak lift into the pier’s access tower has improved efficiency and safety on the shipyard site by providing a means of emergency access and evacuation. In the event of an injured person on a ship’s hull, the Alimak industrial lift allows an emergency response team to reach and safely transport injured workers using a stretcher.

Ideally suited for operation in even the most extreme environments, the durable nature of the Alimak SE range of lifts has made it the perfect access solution for the exposed pier. Composed of hot-dipped galvanized steel, the Alimak industrial lift ensures maximum operator comfort and usability, without compromising on efficiency.

Lift details

Williamstown Shipyard, VIC, Australia
Product model
Industrial shipyard, access tower
No. of landings
1600 kg
Car size
2.2 m x 1.5 m
0.6 m/sec
Lifting height
18 m
Williamstown Shipyard Pier Access Tower

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Nelson Pier

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