Alimak lifts on northern Europe’s largest container cranes

Port of Gothenburg, Sweden

The largest container cranes in northern Europe arrived at the Port of Gothenburg in late August 2006. Standing 118 meters high, they are the city of Gothenburg’s tallest structures. Inside the enormous crane columns are three Alimak lifts.

The container cranes are intended for the new generation of container ships and were built in a factory in Shanghai, China, where the Alimak lifts were also installed. The cranes were transported to the port of Gothenburg by sea. After a 64-day voyage, the Swedish-made lifts are finally back home.

The Port of Gothenburg is owned by the City of Gothenburg and operated by Göteborgs Hamn AB, which placed the order for the container cranes to increase the port’s loading and unloading efficiency. With nearly twice the lifting capacity of the previous cranes, a more then 25 percent wider range that enables them to reach 23 container rows, and operating 30 percent faster, the new cranes are able to handle significantly more cargo. The increased capacity translates into shorter port time for ships and substantial savings. Even small shipping companies now have access to more cranes for loading and unloading.

Each of the three ALIMAK SE 400 FC lifts installed inside the crane columns has four landings, a load capacity of 400 kg, and a maximum speed of 0.8 m/s. The lifting height is 43 meters.

Almost a third of Sweden’s export trade passes through the Port of Gothenburg, placing high demands on capacity and service levels. Alimak lifts provide greater access to an important investment that most definitely benefits the industry.

Lift details

Port of Gothenburg, Sweden
Installation year
Ship-to-shore gantry cranes
Lift type
No. of lifts
400 kg
Lift car size
0.78 m x 1.04 m x 2.17 m (L x W x H)
0.8 m/s
Lifting height
43 m
Crane manufacturer
ZMPC, China
Port of Gothenburg

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