Alimak lifts replace old lifts on container cranes

Port Autonome Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, France

Alimak Hek has installed two access lifts from its ALIMAK SE range on Ansaldo container handling cranes in the Port of Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, the leading port on the French Atlantic coast. The ALIMAK SE lifts replace two ten-yearold hydraulic lifts.

ALIMAK SE is the most extensive and flexible rack & pinion lift range on the market. It provides small lift cars for access in confined spaces, as well as large, high-capacity goods-handling cars. The standard SE range offers more than 30 different car sizes, with load capacities from 300 kg to 2400 kg. The model chosen for the Ansaldo cranes has a car floor area of 1.04 m x 1.3 m and is capable of carrying a payload of 500 kg. Travelling speed is 0.7 metres per second.

The lift car carries its drive machinery on its roof and is mounted to a sturdy car frame attached to the lift mast. As the ALIMAK SE lifts in Port of Nantes were retrofitted to an existing crane structure, the lift masts had to be installed with an inclination of 7°. The car frames were modified to compensate for the inclination, ensuring that the cars are kept in a constant vertical position.

The lifts travel a total lifting height of 38.5 m, and in addition to the bottom and top landing stations, there is an intermediate landing at the 28.5 m level. For this particular installation, all landings were equipped with a specially designed, totally enclosed cabin to protect the lift users from wind and weather and increase their comfort.

The ALIMAK SE lift concept offers an extensive choice of options and add-on features that can be used to customise the lift within the standard concept. Due to the corrosive environment, the port chose to have the cars and landing cabins fabricated from stainless steel panels. Other optional equipment fitted to the lifts includes an emergency flashing light on the car roof, automatic return of the car to the bottom landing after a pre-set time, heater in the electric cabinet, automatic rack lubricator, and a fire extinguisher in the car.

Lift details

Port Autonome Nantes-Saint-Nazaire, France
Installation year
Ship-to-shore gantry cranes
Lift type
No. of lifts
500 kg
Lift car size
1.04 m x 1.3 m
0.7 m/s
Lifting height
38.5 m
Crane manufacturer
Ansaldo Movimentazione, Italy
Port Autonome Nantes-Saint-Nazaire

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