Alimak rack and pinion lift provides access to stevedoring container crane

Patrick Stevedore Operations, Port of Melbourne, Australia.

Alimak Hek improve efficiency of stevedoring operations at Patrick’s Port of Melbourne Terminal with the replacement of the container crane lift. Working closely with container crane specialists, Alimak Hek combined expertise to achieve best project results.

Patrick’s Melbourne facility makes use of a CM06 container crane to assist in the movement of complex project cargo, including the loading and unloading of steel products, containers and heavy machinery. Until recently, this crane was fitted with an Electruck Easiriser industrial lift, providing operators with vertical access to the crane cabin.

Given the obsolete nature of the Electruck lift, the result of company closure in 2001, Patrick’s found it increasingly difficult to have the Easiriser serviced and repaired. A lack of available spare parts, absence of    manufacturer support and difficulties in certifying the lift for operation left Patrick’s with little choice but to have the lift removed and replaced.

Alimak Hek worked closely with container crane specialists, Inver Engineering, to execute the complete dismantling and removal of the out-dated lift, and the installation of the replacement Alimak SE industrial rack and pinion lift. Inver Engineering’s dismantling expertise enabled the swift removal of the Electruck lift, full-height mesh lift shaft and major support beams. Alimak Hek were then able to install the SE industrial lift on site without disrupting the use of the container crane, while Inver Engineering installed necessary screening on lift landings and stairs.

The addition of the Alimak industrial lift has improved the efficiency of stevedoring operations at the Melbourne facility and relieved Patrick’s lift servicing and maintenance concerns. The Alimak SE 500 industrial rack and pinion lift has been in operation at the Patrick Port of Melbourne facility, providing operators with vertical access to the container crane, since April 2010. This is now one of three Alimak industrial lifts in operation at the Melbourne operations. Alimak industrial lifts have been used by global port authorities since 1971, and are installed as crane elevators in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Lift details 

Patrick's Stevedoring Operations, VIC, Australia
Product model
Container crane, lift access
No. of landings
500 kg
Car size
1.04 m x 1.17 m
0.8 m/ sec
Lifting height
30 m
Patrick Stevedore Operations

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