Alimak elevator provides high performance on health, safety and environment

Igelsta combined heat and power plant, Södertälje, Sweden

An Alimak industrial elevator was installed to provide vertical access for frequent upkeep and maintenance of a combined power and heating plant in Södertälje, Sweden. The Alimak elevator is a prerequisite to live up to Söderenergi’s high priority on health, safety and environment.

275 MW of district heating and electricity

Söderenergi AB’s Igelsta power plant is one of Sweden’s largest cogeneration plant run on bio- and waste fuels. It was completed in 2009 and is the largest environmental investment ever for the owners; Södertälje, Botkyrka and Huddinge municipality.

The plant produces 200 MW of district heating and 75 MW of electricity. This electricity generation corresponds to the annual household consumption for about 100,000 villas. The investment meant that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by about 75,000 tonnes per year.

Alimak elevator makes for safer working environment

In 2017, Söderenergi invested in an Alimak rack and pinion elevator for the cogeneration plant’s fuel gangway, running from the fuel level up to the silo summit and fuel lane which provides a better and safer working environment.

The elevator is an ALIMAK SE 500 FC. It is installed externally without an elevator shaft. It has a lifting height of 29 meters and a speed of 0.6 meters per second. The aluminium elevator car has a 500-kg payload capacity.

Staff can transport both themselves and heavy, unwieldy tools needed for operation, maintenance and cleaning of the belt tire and silo summit. It also makes the workplace safer in case of a possible rescue operation.

The elevator is used daily by fuel technicians, but mainly by the personnel that ensure that the fuel lanes are kept free.

Focus on the working environment, a strong and preventive security work has always had the highest priority for Söderenergi. The Alimak elevator is a prerequisite to live up to this.

Elevators suited for industrial environments

Alimak has considerable experience with installations within the power industry. Alimak elevators can be found on chimneys, silos, boilers, scrubbers, absorbers, precipitators and more, worldwide.
Ideally suited for operation in even the most extreme environments, the durable nature of the Alimak SE range of elevators has made it the perfect access solution for the most demanding conditions. From the freezing and exposed conditions of the Antarctic and Iceland, to the extreme heat of the Australian desert, Alimak elevators are built to last in some of the  world’s toughest environments.

Elevator details

Bio fuel-fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) in Igelsta, Södertälje, Sweden
Belt conveyor
Elevator type:
Rack and pinion
Elevator model:
500 kg
Elevator car size (W x L x H):
1.04 m x 1.30 m x 2.17 m
0.6 m/s
Lifting height:
29 m
No. of landings:
Alimak elevator provides high performance on health, safety and environment

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