Alimak lift improves access inside the chimney

Callide “C” power station, Queensland, Australia

An Alimak service and inspection lift was installed in a new 220-meter chimney stack at the Callide Power Station in Queensland, Australia.

The Australian power company CS Energy operates the Callide Power Station, a coal-fired plant in central Queensland. A joint venture by CS Energy and Shell Coal, the project included the construction of a new power station with two 420 MW units, which doubled Callide’s total output.

The Callide Power Station recently embarked upon a program to reduce the amount of dust emitted by its chimneys. The Alimak rack & pinion lift installed in the new chimney facilitates regular emissions monitoring as well as general inspection, and substantially increases the safety of maintenance crews.

This Alimak lift has a capacity of 300 kg or 3 passengers. Powered by two electric motors located on the roof of the lift car, the lift travels at a speed of 1 meter per second. The unit features variable frequency controllers and serves four landing levels.

A construction hoist, Alimak Scando 20/32 dual cage, assisted in the actual construction of the stack, providing access to the jump form shutter for passengers and material (mast tower visible on the picture to the right).

Lift details

Callide Power Station, Queensland, Australia
Installation year
Lift type
300 kg
Lift car size
0.78 m x 1.04 m x 2.20 m (W x L x H)
1.2 m/s
Lifting height
216.5 m
No. of landings
Callide “C” power station

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