Alimak lift improves accessibility at the new waste-to-energy plant, Torsvik

Torsvik heat and power plant, Jönköping, Sweden

High above the ground towers the 120 meter-high chimney, through which purified smoke gas is released. Inside, an Alimak inspection lift has been installed. With eight landings, the lift makes access easier when it comes to inspection and maintenance of the chimney. The combined heat and power plant, Torsvik, is the power company Jönköping Energi’s new main production unit for district heating. It turns up to 160,000 tons of waste per year, or 20 tons an hour, into heat and electricity – enough to cover the yearly need of 15,000 households.

Alimak lift provides better accessibility

Since waste consists of many different substances, the cleaning of the smoke gases after the combustion is essential to environmentally secure the discharge. The low level of remaining content is then released through the chimney, 120 meters off the ground, ensuring effective dilution in the high air.

During the completion of Torsvik’s chimney, an Alimak construction hoist was used, and in November 2005 an ALIMAK SE 600 FC was installed inside the chimney. This permanent rack & pinion lift has eight landings to enable maximum accessibility. The lift is used for inspection and maintenance work. Since the chimney is so high, it has to have customized security lights to warn approaching airplanes. These lights have to be easy to reach and exchange. The plant’s maintenance personnel also need easy access for the inspection of the smoke pipes.

Reduces costs

"With this construction we strive for higher efficiency and reduced costs," said Ingemar Granberg, project leader at Jönköping Energi. "Thus, it is important to be able to locate sources of error, prevent damage, and quickly reach and attend to maintenance if something unexpected should occur. A properly working lift makes all of this easier. Another decisive advantage of Alimak rack and pinion lifts is that no machinery room outside the lift is needed. In a chimney, there is just no room for that! The rack and pinion technique also is very well-suited for high-rise buildings."

Alimak Hek has considerable experience with installations within the power industry. The lifts can be found on silos, chimneys, boilers, scrubbers, absorbers, precipitators, and so on, worldwide. In Sweden, there are Alimak lifts in heat and power plants in almost every city, from northern Kiruna to southern Malmö.

Lift details

Combined heat and power plant Torsvik, Jönköping, Sweden
Elevator type
600 kg
Elevator car size
1.04 m x 1.43 m x 2.17 m (W x L x H)
1 m/s
Lifting height
113 m
Torsvik heat and power plant

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