Alimak elevator provides access for Systembolaget

Systembolaget logistics facility, Brunna, Sweden

Systembolaget, a government-owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden, recently selected an Alimak rack & Pinion elevator for the new logistics facility in Brunna, north of Stockholm. Systembolaget leases large parts of the warehouse from Logicenters.

Systembolaget stores their products at the new depot prior to delivering to the company’s stores and their many customers who shop online at www.systembolaget. se.

As such, Systembolaget opted for an Alimak rack and pinion elevator for their new logistics facility. The Alimak elevator solution required minimum preparation in the facility as rack and pinion elevators don’t require a costly elevator shaft to be designed into the facility structure in advance. With only one tie-in to a concrete beam of the warehouse structure, the elevator can be installed easily and efficiently.

The Alimak elevator provides ease of access for both persons and goods weighing up to 1,000 kg, between ground level and the two mezzanine floors.

Flexible access solutions for warehouses

The Alimak SE modular elevator concept adapts to the most varying transport requirements and locations. It can be installed with and without an elevator shaft, thanks to its self-supporting design, allowing the elevator to be placed where it provides the greatest benefit.

When installing the elevator inside an existing building, the low headroom between the top landing and the roof is a great advantage.

Accurate floor levelling at the landing is a prerequisite for the smooth handling of materials and passenger transport. An Alimak rack and pinion elevator levels to within ±5 mm every time, irrespective of the load or lifting height.

Elevator details

Systembolaget logistics facility, Brunna, Sweden
Elevator type:
Rack and pinion
Elevator model:
1,000 kg
Elevator car size (W x L x H):
1.30 m x 1.82 m x 2.17 m
0.6 m/s
Lifting height:
8.3 m
No. of landings:
Alimak elevator provides access for Systembolaget

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