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The Alimak Hek Training Academy provides customers with comprehensive product training programs for people who work with, install, use or maintain the Alimak Hek products.

Every training program is designed to take customer employees from being novices to experts within the respective training areas including safety aspects, general maintenance and basic understanding of applicable local regulations.

Training has been designed to facilitate easy and complete learning about the product and the routines required to maintain the equipment correctly.

In addition to the regular training courses, specifically tailored training programs can be arranged to meet your specific project requirements.

All training sessions can be performed on your site or at your company (subject to that basic  standard requirements for on-site training being met) or at one of our training facilities in Rushden, Northamptonshire which is an officially certified IPAF training centre for Mast Climbing Work Platforms.

Training Courses

Below is a list of the existing and available training courses that Alimak Hek currently offer. For more information about a particular program, please click on the title.

Alimak Construction Hoists and Industrial Elevators

IPAF MCWP training courses 

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Our size and financial stability enables us to support customers by delivering continuous investment in technology, equipment, competence, and services.