Alimak Hek utilise a gantry system to support three Alimak Scando construction hoists

Mainpoint Apartments, Melbourne, Australia

Alimak Hek utilise an 8m Highrise gantry system to support three Alimak Scando 650 rack and pinion hoists during construction of the 43-level Mainpoint Apartment tower. Given the limited space on site, the gantry system offered a flexible access solution for a difficult project.

Construction of Brookfield Multiplex’s Mainpoint Apartments, located in Melbourne’s Southbank precinct, commenced in December 2010. The tower, standing at 43 levels, incorporates 350 apartments, 9 levels of car parking and 100 square meters of retail space.

In August 2011 Alimak Hek installed three Alimak Scando 650 construction hoists on site, arranged in a single and twin combo configuration. The Alimak Scando 650 is the world’s most popular rack and pinion hoist concept, its modular system offering flexibility, efficiency, safety and speed, making it the ideal choice for the inner city location. With a payload capacity of 3200 kg and a top speed of 65m/min, the Scando 650 hoists allowed for the easy transportation of heavy material payloads and the 200-strong workforce on site daily.

Alimak Hek worked closely with Brookfield Multiplex engineers to carefully plan the location of the hoists. Given the limited space afforded by the worksite, restrictions due to pedestrian traffic and difficulties in gaining entry to the building, a unique access solution was required. 

An 8 metre-high gantry system was supplied and engineered by Highrise Building Services, acting as a steel structural support to raise the hoists up one level, thereby leaving the street and walkway clear. The three hoists were engineered to fit the gantry specifications, allowing each to be installed and operated from atop the support system.

The combination of twin and single mid/high speed Alimak Scando hoists accelerated construction on the apartment tower and eliminated the need for an additional tower crane. In addition to reducing costs, this freed-up valuable space on the confined building site. The hoists remained in operation on the Mainpoint construction site until September 2012, providing men and materials access to the 130m of the 43 level tower.

Construction hoist details

Southbank, Melbourne, Australia
Apartment tower, construction hoist
Product model
No. of car hoists
3200 kg
Car size
1.5 m x 3.9 m
65 m/min
Lifting height
130 m
Mainpoint Apartments, Melbourne

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