Alimak construction hoists at work on Centre Point modernisation

Centre Point, London, UK

Alimak hoists at use during the modernisation of Centre Point in London. The revamp skyscraper will be one of the tallest residential buildings in the United Kingdom.

Brookfield Multiplex has installed two Alimak Scando 650 construction hoists and one common tower access system which is now fully operational at Centre Point, London. This is an Almacantar project, and the existing tower has a height of 117 meters making it one of the tallest residential buildings in central London. The former commercial building has been on the London skyline since the 1960’s, currently being developed into 82 one-
to five- bedroom apartments boasting pool, spa and fitness facilities. Centre Point stands on a major inter-section in central London, between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street, furthermore the building sits alongside another major London project of Crossrail at Tottenham Court Station.

Construction hoists on a common tower  

The Alimak hoists are installed against a common tower system. The tower is manufactured from aluminium alloy to minimise weight and has a small 5 m x 5 m footprint, yet it is capable of running multiple hoists simultaneously. With all Alimak hoists operating simultaneously
it minimises waiting times for men and materials, especially at peak times. As only the common tower, and not the hoists, are tied directly into the building, it means external cladding can be applied to the whole building during construction with the exception of the 1.4 m – 1.7 m metre access openings at each level. As a result there are far fewer panels to replace at the end of the project.

Project Challenges

Centre Point has been awarded Grade II Listing, meaning that the external facade has to remain original, and that no hoist could be directly tied into the building face. The only opening is on the south side of the building through 1.4 m – 1.7 m window openings. Full access achieved with the use of the common tower and twin hoist configuration.

Due to the central London location of Centre Point there were significant site restrictions and limitations on hoist location. Therefore the selection of hoist size had to be selected carefully, resulting in the twin configuration of Alimak Scando 650 XL and 650 FC, which had subsequent effects on tie forces into the building, all overcome by Alimak Hek engineers working in the UK and Sweden. 

Construction hoist details

Centre Point, London, UK
Skyscraper, residential
Hoist types
1 x ALIMAK SCANDO 650 FC 30/50 II & 1 x ALIMAK SCANDO 650 XL 25/50 II
3,000 kg and 2,500 kg
Hoist car sizes (W x L x H)
1.5 m x 5.0 m x 2.3 m & 2.0 m x 5.0 m x 2.8 m
54 m/min
Lifting height
117 m
Alimak construction hoists at work on Centre Point modernisation

Centre Point

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