Jul 26 2023

Alimak’s industrial elevators increase productivity and efficiency for the oil and gas industry

Alimak, a renowned global leader in vertical access solutions, has been the trusted choice for the Oil and Gas industry for over five decades. With an impressive track record of supplying over a thousand vertical access solutions, Alimak’s industrial elevators have proven their worth in diverse onshore and offshore oil and gas applications. These tried and trusted products have been instrumental in driving efficiency and enhancing productivity across facilities in some of the world’s most remote locations.

The versatility of Alimak’s industrial elevators is ideal for a wide range of onshore oil and gas facilities, including natural gas processing plants, oil refineries, LNG storage tanks, petroleum refineries, and chemical plants. For offshore applications, Alimak’s products are instrumental in drillships, semi-submersible rigs, jack up rigs, FPSOs, TLPs, gravity-based structures, swamp barges, and other offshore vessels and fixed platforms.

A notable example of an Alimak industrial elevator project can be found at the SSE Great Island Power Station in Wexford. The station transformed, replacing its old oil-fired facility with a new, modern gas-fired one. This upgrade generated clean and efficient energy, powering half a million Irish homes. At the heart of the station’s infrastructure lies the Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), a critical component that significantly enhances overall efficiency by recovering exhaust heat from the power generation, thereby minimising wastage. Adopting this technology has led to remarkable improvements in environmental sustainability, with overall efficiency now reaching an impressive 85%–90%.

Given the demanding conditions, extreme temperatures, and complex machinery involved in a HRSG operation, reliable vertical access is crucial for regular inspections and maintenance work. Alimak’s SE industrial elevator, engineered with tried and trusted rack and pinion technology, was the ideal choice for the Great Island Power Station project. The Alimak SE elevator, designed to withstand challenging environments, was selected to meet the station’s unique needs. Its innovative rack and pinion design eliminated the need for a lift shaft or a separate machine room, making integration with the existing system seamless. The installation process was executed precisely, even in the tightest spaces, demonstrating Alimak’s commitment to delivering efficient solutions that do not compromise functionality.

Choosing from Alimak’s range of vertical access products offers a range of unparalleled benefits. Alimak ensures superior performance in the most demanding environments, from its high-demand project expertise to compliance with rigorous safety regulations. Our robust designs withstand the most demanding conditions, guaranteeing reliability and longevity. Moreover, Alimak offers explosion-proof models, further solidifying our position as the preferred choice for the Oil and Gas industry.

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