Feb 20 2024

Alimak’s Industrial Elevators Provide Unrivalled Excellence in the Power Industry

In the power industry, where accessing elevated equipment is essential for routine inspections and monitoring, Alimak’s industrial elevators offer a practical solution by eliminating manual stair climbs. Our elevators address longstanding challenges associated with vertical access across various types of power plants, including gas, coal-fired, hydroelectric, solar, offshore wind and nuclear facilities.

Efficiency and safety are key priorities in power generation, where machinery and structures require reliable access for maintenance. As a leader in vertical access solutions, our team provides industrial elevators to meet the unique demands of power plants. These elevators enhance productivity and enhance safety by providing reliable access to chimneys, silos, boilers, scrubbers and absorbers, heat recovery steam generators, cooling towers, solar towers, offshore wind support vessels, and dams.

Guodian Suqian Power Plant

One notable application of our elevators can be found at the Guodian Suqian Power Plant in China, specifically units 3 and 4. These units, integral to a ground-breaking, supercritical secondary reheating unit project, required a reliable vertical access solution to facilitate operations and maintenance. 

The power plant streamlined access to critical areas, including chimneys, by opting for the Alimak SL elevator. The elevator, capable of accommodating passengers and goods weighing up to 600 kg, effortlessly traverses between multiple floors, eliminating the need for arduous stair climbs. The ease of installation and the elevator’s robust design ensured minimal disruption to plant operations. Specifically designed to transport personnel to the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS), this elevator exemplifies how technology can seamlessly integrate into the infrastructure of power plants, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Amazon River

Beyond the confines of traditional power plants, Alimak’s industrial elevators continue to make an impact in challenging environments. Two rack and pinion elevators were installed on transmission towers along the Amazon River, each towering as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

These elevators provide crucial access for servicing and maintenance tasks. Situated near the Equator and far from the nearest village, Almeirim, reaching them presented logistical challenges. Standing at 295 metres, the towers are the tallest in South America and carry power cables spanning 1,240 kilometres through the Amazon rainforest. Each elevator, reaching 288.6 metres, facilitates access to power cable stays and aircraft warning lights. Our design prioritises functionality in demanding environments, featuring a rack and pinion drive system that eliminates the need for expensive machinery rooms and enhances safety with a controlled descent mechanism during power outages.

Installing rack and pinion elevators on transmission towers spanning the Amazon River underscores our commitment to innovation and reliability. Operating in a remote environment with logistical challenges, including access limitations.

Alimak’s industrial elevators are essential for the power industry, facilitating seamless vertical access to critical infrastructure while enhancing stringent safety and efficiency standards. From towering chimneys at power plants to remote transmission towers spanning vast river basins, Alimak’s range of vertical access solutions exemplifies the transformative impact of innovation on industrial operations. As the power industry evolves, we continue to lead the way, providing reliable vertical transport solutions that empower progress and enhance efficiency.

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