Feb 09 2024

Alimak’s Vertical Access Solutions for the Metal and Steel Industry  

The metal and steel industry requires vertical access solutions for efficiency, productivity, and enhanced safety. With a history spanning over 75 years, Alimak has pioneered the vertical access industry, consistently delivering solutions that prioritise reliability. Our industrial elevators are built upon tried-and-tested rack-and-pinion technology, enhancing safety and prompt transportation of materials and passengers, even in the most demanding and rigorous environments encountered in the metal and steel industry.

Alimak offers a range of elevators that cater to the varying needs of the metal and steel industries. These industrial elevators are critical in driving productivity in crucial operations such as aluminium refineries, steel mills, and smelters worldwide.

Our success in the metal and steel industry can be attributed to our profound industry knowledge, extensive experience, and close collaboration with our customer’s requirements. By offering robust vertical access solutions, we ensure that industries dependent on continuous operations can thrive without compromise.

At Alimak, our portfolio exemplifies solutions for overcoming distinctive challenges encountered within the dynamic landscape of the metal and steel industry. The following projects showcase the versatility and efficacy of our elevators in meeting the specific needs and intricacies of this demanding industry.

Palmer Nickel & Cobalt Refinery

The Palmer Nickel and Cobalt Refinery annually processes a staggering 3.8 million tonnes of nickel laterite and nickel-cobalt hydroxide. Established in the 1970s, it relied on an Alimak counterweight hoist for over a decade during busy shutdowns in its 13-floor roaster building.

In 2012, recognising the need for a more permanent solution, Alimak was contracted to replace the temporary hoist with the Alimak SE 2000 industrial elevator, tailored to fit the pre-existing shaft. The challenge lay in ensuring a perfect fit within the pre-designed shaft area, necessitating careful engineering and several modifications.

Due to the shaft’s enclosed space, a crane was used to lower the mast and elevator car into the shaft from the roof. The structure’s rooftop underwent reconstruction to enclose the elevator shaft, thus creating weather-proof conditions and maintaining the elevator’s standard finish. Unlike its predecessor, the SE 2000 covers all 13 building levels, including the roof. This offers 24/7 operational capability and efficient loading and unloading of palletised loads.

Mt Isa Mines

Glencore Xstrata’s Mt Isa Mines, one of Australia’s largest mining operations, faced a significant challenge with its 270-metre-tall lead smelter chimney stack. Alimak were commissioned to replace a 34-year-old elevator of a different brand with a new Alimak SE 700 industrial elevator. The original elevator was dismantled in collaboration with Downer EDI, and we utilised the elevator car as a work platform.

This strategic approach facilitated the removal of 6-metre sections of the mast, lowered through the elevator car to the ground below using a floor-mounted winch system. Once the old elevator was removed, our technicians installed the new Alimak SE 700, which has a lifting height of 252 metres and accesses five landing levels. This resulted in a faster and more reliable elevator, completing the ascent to the top of the chimney stack in under 4.5 minutes.

As the metal and steel industry evolves, we remain a steadfast partner, providing access solutions that meet the industry’s specific needs and contribute to enhanced safety, reliability, and efficiency.

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