Jan 29 2024

Introducing a new elevator for silos and cranes

Alimak is proud to launch our latest innovation, the Alimak SE 240L industrial elevator built on rack and pinion technology. Specifically designed for installation on silos, storage vessels, and cranes, this groundbreaking elevator sets a new safety, efficiency, and durability standard.

The Alimak SE 240L represents a shift in vertical access solutions, by eliminating the need for a machine room or supporting elevator shaft. This reduces building requirements and simplifies retrofitting to existing structures, thanks to its cutting-edge rack and pinion drive technology. It is a versatile solution engineered for challenging industrial environments.

The SE 240L elevator is built to be reliable, durable, and robust. It empowers customers to access, monitor, and service key processes in their plants, enhancing operational safety, productivity, efficiency, and facility uptime.

Technical Specifications:

  • Payload Capacity: 240 kg (2 passengers)
  • Traveling Speed: 0.4 m/s
  • Lifting Height: Up to 45 m
  • Door Options: Available on one or two sides of the car

The SE 240L elevator prioritises safety with features such as a safety device, mechanical and electrical door interlocking, centrifugal emergency lowering system, and overload protection. This ensures a secure and reliable vertical transport solution for industrial settings.

One of the key advantages of using the Alimak SE 240L industrial elevator over traditional stair access is the significant enhancement in safety. Stairs pose inherent risks, with accidents such as falls and falling objects being prevalent. In many countries, a 3-point contact is required when navigating stairs, limiting individuals to carrying items with one hand. The Alimak SE 240L eliminates these concerns, providing a much safer alternative for vertical transportation.

In addition to safety, the Alimak SE 240L prioritizes efficiency. Climbing stairs can be exhausting, leading to fatigue and reduced productivity. This industrial elevator minimizes the need for manual lifting and climbing, ultimately lowering plant maintenance costs and optimising overall operational efficiency.

The SE 240L is also featured in our Building Information Modelling (BIM) gallery. Customers can access object files to compare and select the most suitable lifting option, incorporating the elevator model seamlessly into their facility design package.

The Alimak SE 240L elevator is a durable, robust, and cost-effective solution, promising to elevate industrial operations to new heights and is now available to order.

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