Jan 29 2024

Introducing the Alimak Medius 350: Redefining Compact Construction Hoists

Alimak takes great pride in unveiling our latest innovation – the Alimak Medius 350 construction hoist. Developed with proven technology, this compact lifting solution sets to revolutionize logistics on construction projects, offering a cost-effective alternative to traditional construction hoists. The Medius 350 is not just a hoist; it’s a new standard, showcasing Alimak’s commitment to excellence.

Construction hoists are indispensable for vertical access, and Alimak stands as the industry leader. The Alimak Medius 350 introduces a compact and easy-to-transport option, making it the go-to solution for small and medium-sized projects. Its lightweight build reduces energy consumption during both operation and transportation, leaving a smaller environmental footprint. With a maximum payload capacity of 1,000 kg or 11 passengers and a lifting height of 100 meters, the Medius 350 promises unparalleled efficiency in vertical access solutions.

The Alimak Medius 350 isn’t just efficient; it’s eco-friendly. The compact and lightweight design, coupled with efficient energy consumption, contributes to reduced environmental impacts. Its sustainability is further enhanced through its digital connectivity, accessible via the My Alimak portal, our customised online portal that provides vital performance insights to enhance productivity and safety at your construction project.

Key Features

Compact Design for Easy Transportation: The Medius 350’s compact design facilitates seamless transportation by truck, with the base unit provided as one compact unit. Installation is a breeze, thanks to a new lifting device that simplifies crane or forklift lifting. Elevator shaft applications are further optimized, as the Medius 350 can effortlessly serve the highest level during the whole construction period.

Versatility in Action: The Medius 350 is compatible with Alimak Scando standard landing equipment and shares height components with the Alimak TPL transport platform range, making it the ultimate choice for rental fleet owners.

Robust Design for Tough Conditions: Like all Alimak products, the Medius 350 is engineered for tough working conditions, boasting a robust and durable design that ensures reliability in any environment.

The Alimak Medius 350 is the epitome of innovation, efficiency, and sustainability in compact vertical access solutions for construction sites. Elevate your projects to new heights with the Alimak Medius 350 – setting a new standard in construction hoists.

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