May 26 2024

Advancing Operational Excellence in Ports and Shipyard Industries with Alimak’s Vertical Access Innovations

Alimak is at the forefront of providing innovative and efficient vertical access solutions to the port and shipyard industry, where seamless operations and safety are paramount for profitability and productivity. The reliance on manual ladder climbing, safety risks, and time consumption make Alimak’s industrial elevators a game-changer in ensuring rapid access to crucial crane components and machinery for maintenance and repairs.

In ports and shipyards across the globe, Alimak industrial elevators are instrumental in enhancing productivity and ensuring safer operations. These elevators are specially designed for the demanding environments of the maritime industry, providing quick and efficient transportation of passengers to the tops of cranes in about two minutes, thus streamlining the vertical access process. Alimak’s range of industrial elevators caters to various applications within ports and shipyards, including rubber-tired gantry cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, ship unloaders, rail-mounted gantry cranes, dry docks, goliath cranes, silos, and warehouses​. 

Project Examples Highlighting Alimak’s Impact
Borg Havn, Fredrikstad, Norway
A testament to Alimak’s product durability and reliability, a 25-year-old Alimak industrial elevator at Borg Havn’s container crane underwent an upgrade alongside the port’s crane enhancement project. This project underscores Alimak’s commitment to long-term service and the adaptability of its solutions to evolving industrial needs. Alimak provided comprehensive support throughout the upgrade process, including engineering, technical, electrical, and rigging assistance​.

Nelson Pier, Williamstown Shipyard, VIC, Australia
This project exemplifies Alimak’s ability to design, manufacture, and install custom vertical access solutions tailored to the specific requirements of maritime operations. An Alimak SE rack and pinion industrial elevator was installed at Nelson Pier as the primary access point to the hulls of docked ships, significantly improving safety and operational efficiency. This elevator was integrated into the shipyard’s infrastructure as part of a multi-million-dollar upgrade designed to accommodate increased port traffic and facilitate the easy movement of personnel, materials, and equipment. Notably, the installation provides emergency stretcher access, enhancing the safety protocols of the shipyard​.

Alimak’s elevators are selected for their robustness, extended car size, and capacity, which are crucial for the maritime industry’s demanding needs. Including these elevators in ports and shipyards enhances efficiency by providing quick and reliable access and significantly improves safety by ensuring a dependable means for emergency evacuations and responses.

Alimak’s industrial elevators represent a crucial investment for ports and shipyards looking to optimise their operations. Through innovative design, reliable performance, and comprehensive support, Alimak continues to set the standard for vertical access solutions in the maritime industry.

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