May 23 2024

Elevating Construction Site Safety with Alimak’s AliCalc Online Tool

AliCalc, Alimak’s advanced online tool, continues to set standards in site safety through precise force calculations for construction hoist installations. Tailored for owners and operators of Alimak hoists, AliCalc simplifies complex calculations with its user-friendly interface, supporting both SI and Imperial units for global application. Users can easily configure hoists to match specific site conditions by selecting from various hoist types, mast sizes, and essential features such as door types and motor speeds.

AliCalc is not just a tool for calculations; it’s a safety companion. It caters to various installation scenarios, including indoor and outdoor setups and varying wind conditions. Its unique ability to adjust tie heights and base levels ensures that each setup is tailored for maximum safety and efficiency, providing Alimak hoist owners and operators with peace of mind.

Advanced Reporting and Decision Support
One of AliCalc’s standout features is its ability to generate detailed and easy-to-understand PDF reports” PDF reports. These reports detail all relevant configuration data, wind considerations, and calculated forces, vital for ensuring operational safety and meeting regulatory compliance. AliCalc’s precision allows users to make informed decisions while installing Alimak construction hoists, which is crucial for adjusting tie-in points and assessing environmental impacts. This ensures the maintenance of high safety standards across all operations.

Continuous Innovation and Accessibility 
AliCalc supports various Alimak hoists and manages standard configurations. As part of Alimak’s commitment to continuous innovation, AliCalc is regularly updated to enhance its capabilities and user experience. We aim to provide innovative digital tools that improve operational efficiency and prioritise safety for our customers and end users.

AliCalc is available to Alimak construction equipment owners and can be accessed online via My Alimak, our customer portal. It provides a robust platform for planning and executing safe hoist operations efficiently. For those looking to maximise their operational capabilities while ensuring the highest levels of safety, AliCalc offers an essential solution.

AliCalc is one tool among many digital services in the My Alimak platform, a customised web-based portal developed by Alimak Group to enhance the safe and efficient use of Alimak construction products. The remote monitoring portal provides users with up-to-date information on their Alimak construction equipment.

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