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Alimak possess an extensive portfolio of customised vertical access solutions for an array of applications and industries. Alimak’s modular range of industrial elevators can be customised to suit a large range of applications varying in size, payload and location. 

Alimak’s industrial elevators built on rack and pinion technology can be tailored to almost any height or payload and can be installed on sites with inclinations and curves. The largest payload to date is 24,000 kg and the greatest lifting height is currently at 645 metres with the deepest underground application standing at 700 metres.   

Alimak has an extensive track record of successfully carrying out projects for EPC companies and end users with special demands on products and production. An experienced team of Alimak project engineers can ensure project requirements are fulfilled. 


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Royal Opera House

London, UK

A “face lift” for London’s Opera House

In 1998, 268 years after it was built, the Royal Opera House in London’s vibrant Convent Garden was given a ‘face lift’, and Alimak was there to help. A major item in this redevelopment works was an Alimak ‘Get In’ elevator, which became the major artery of the stage works. The Royal Opera House is a Repertory theatre demanding frequent scenery changes depending upon the programme which may vary nightly.

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Halley Survey Base

Brunt Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Alimak elevator at the South Pole

Alimak developed a vertical access solution capable of operating reliably in extremely cold temperatures for the Halley Survey Base, Antarctica. The Scando M elevator had a maximum capacity of 1,150 kg and was erected to facilitate the movement of materials between the building and the variable surface. The elevator was supplied with lubricating grease and space heaters for durability against the harsh climate.

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Parliament House

Canberra, Australia

25 Years on: Alimak make History at Australia’s Parliament House

Alimak designed and manufactured two industrial elevators to climb the flagpole structure at a 40-degree inclination during the construction of Parliament House, Australia. Alimak engineers designed a unique stainless-steel rack which could be bolted directly onto the stainless-steel leg, without the use of a mast to preserve the visual impact of the building.

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