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Illinois, USA



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Alimak Rack and Pinion Elevators For TGM Grain Loading Facilities

Total Grain Marketing (TGM) is a full service grain company, meeting the grain demands of their producers and consumers. TGM was established in 2006 as a venture between Effingham-Clay Service Company, GROWMARK Inc., and Wabash Valley Service Company. TGM is one of the largest non-multinational grain companies in the state of Illinois, and supports end users in the areas of milling, ethanol, feed, grain processors, export and pet food. 

The TGM Casey IL Facility went through a renovation project in 2013, which replaced two aging receiving legs, one of which had a small, traction man lift attached to it. The removal of this Traction Man Lift allowed the Casey facility to increase the size of the interior legs and better serve their customers by increasing their dumping capacity per hour. As part of the renovation TGM wanted to find a cost effective alternative to the man lift that was located within the trunking of the existing legs. 

The application of an Alimak SE300 Model elevator (man lift) was selected by TGM/GROWMARK as a cost-effective product for this facility. The man lift was easily installed on the existing concrete silo, by the addition of a concrete foundation at the base, and platform extension at the top of the silo. This installation was performed by TGM’s Millwrights, with final inspection and testing of the unit by AHI.  

Alimak’s unique rack and pinion drive design and rugged car and electrical components are specifically designed for outdoor use and avoid the need for an enclosed hoist way and separate supporting structure.  

The installed SE300 DOL elevator (man lift) features Single automatic operation. It has a capacity of 660 lbs (2 person design), a lifting height of 128.5 feet and 2 landings. The car travels at 140 fpm and is attached to a pre-existing concrete silo. The elevator (man lift) has an above ground pit and stair platform assembly that was furnished by Alimak. 

The design is very easily incorporated onto the exterior of existing structures, as at this TGM facility.  

Alimak is proud to have provided the man lift on the Casey, IL Facility, as this location provides for outbound distribution of approximately 20 million bushels of grain per year. 

Alimak, with its Alimak elevator (man lift) and hoist products and mast climbing work platforms, is the world leader in rack & pinion driven vertical access solutions. Alimak elevators (man lifts) and hoists have been installed in over 1000 power plants worldwide on a variety of structures. In the US, over 700 such installations exist, many on chimneys, silos, and other industrial structures.  

Alimak, has many years of experience in installing Alimak elevator equipment in industrial environments, and can provide technical assistance in evaluating the best location and solution for your installation. After installation, Alimak’s USA team of nationwide service professionals remains committed to satisfaction and can provide a range of parts, service, and maintenance solutions tailored to any operator’s needs. 


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