Apr 23 2024

Rising to New Heights: 30 Years of Traction Elevator Innovation with Alimak in Norway

Celebrating three decades of pioneering excellence, Alimak Group Norway proudly commemorates its 30-year anniversary as a leading innovator in the realm of traction elevators. Originally established in 1994 as Heis-Tek, the company ascended to become a premier supplier and service provider of traction elevators throughout Norway. A significant milestone was marked on June 30, 2014, when the offshore division of Heis-Tek was acquired by Alimak Group, leading to Heis-Tek adopting the name Alimak.

Today, Alimak stands as a pioneer of innovation and excellence, boasting a dedicated team in Norway of nearly 60 employees who spearhead the distribution of traction elevators globally through our extensive sales network. Supported by a workforce with over two decades of collective expertise in traction elevator supply, maintenance, repair, and assembly, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and service.

At the heart of Alimak’s product offering lies its specialisation in high-quality elevators, construction hoists, and work platforms, utilising tried and trusted rack and pinion, and traction technologies. With a legacy spanning over 75 years at the forefront of the vertical access industry, Alimak remains the preferred choice for many construction and industrial projects worldwide.

In particular, Alimak has carved a niche in designing, engineering, and executing offshore projects, demonstrating unparalleled expertise in installations within hazardous areas and on vessels such as LNG carriers and FPSOs. From standardised elevators for marine vessels to solutions for gangways on vessels servicing offshore wind farms (SOVs), Alimak ensures safety and efficiency across diverse maritime applications.

Beyond offshore ventures, Alimak’s footprint extends to onshore projects, with a proven track record of elevator installations across various industrial installations. Our expertise also encompasses elevator modernisation and reconstruction, addressing security, design, and energy efficiency concerns while prioritising client preferences.

Bolstered by a history of substantial turnover and a prestigious clientele comprising major oil and gas companies, Alimak remains unwavering in its commitment to customer satisfaction. As our Norway office commemorates 30 years of innovation, we anticipate further growth and innovation in the years ahead, continuing to raise the bar for traction elevator excellence worldwide.

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