Feb 08 2023

The benefits of investing in an industrial elevator

Sought after for their robust and reliable design, Alimak industrial elevators provide a durable vertical access solution with models available to meet the specific needs of a range of industries and environments. 

Industrial elevators efficiently transport passengers and materials to critical elevated areas on industrial sites eliminating the need for stair climbing, enhancing safety and productivity.  

There are many benefits to consider when deciding on investing in an industrial elevator.

Increased productivity

Industrial elevators use traction or rack-and-pinion technology, allowing for the quick and simple transportation of heavy loads. When personnel and materials reach their destination faster, it reduces the time spent for others waiting to climb stairs or scaffolding. Industrial elevators can significantly increase productivity at industrial facilities for maintenance and operational tasks.

Enhanced safety

Using industrial elevators in place of stair climbing reduces the risks of falls and injury. Alimak’s industrial elevators also come with a range of additional safety features including a unique safety device – that comes into operation should the elevator car exceed the rated speed, door interlockings and overload sensing system to enhance safety for passengers.

Space saving

Industrial elevators allow you to optimise the available area and save space with a range of installation options. Rack and pinion elevator drive technology does not require a separate machine room or elevator shaft and can be installed against any structure both vertically, inclined or against curved surfaces.

Cost efficient

The manual handling of goods across long distances can delay productivity while increasing labour costs. A new industrial elevator can help to reduce these expenses and increase profitability. This mode of transportation is also safer for goods and equipment, which helps to reduce damages and increase product lifespan.


The speed and safety benefits of an industrial elevator make it a convenient system for transporting goods, allowing personnel to move materials between the different facility levels.

Eliminate risks and injuries

Even experienced labourers might struggle to transport goods between areas and facilities manually, and this could result in avoidable injuries. Personnel are also vulnerable to slips and falls, alongside general physical exertion if they need to use stairs; an industrial elevator can help to circumvent these hazards.

Adding an industrial elevator to your site could reduce accidents while increasing both productivity and profitability

Alimak specialises in offering durable, reliable industrial elevators to transport personnel and goods with ease. Get in touch for more information.