Maximum uptime is essential to productivity in the construction industry. From high-rise skyscrapers to general infrastructure, efficiency and sustainability drive productivity on construction sites.   

The range of Alimak construction products delivers rapid and reliable vertical access for passengers and materials on construction sites to reduce waiting times, enhance safety and drive overall productivity across the construction industry.  

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The range of Alimak vertical access solutions for the construction industry includes construction hoists, transport platforms, mast climbing work platforms and material hoists which are suitable for use across a range of construction applications. 

Duomo di Milano

Milan, Italy

20 years of safe vertical access at Duomo di Milano

Alimak built on a 20-year history of delivering custom vertical access solutions for Duomo Di Milano to significantly enhance the efficiency of accessing the construction site on the roof of the structure.

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Skellefteå, Sweden

Alimak Mast Climbing Work Platforms ease facade work at a sustainable construction project in Northern Sweden

A heavy-duty Alimak mast climbing work platform created sustainable vertical access throughout the construction of a residential complex in Northern Sweden. Selected for its efficiency even at low lifting heights, the mast climbing work platform provided a flexible, high-capacity vertical access solution for the project.

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Oujiang Bridge Wenzhou City

Zhejiang, China

Alimak construction hoists at work during construction of double-deck suspension bridge

Two Alimak SC 45/30 construction hoists were utilised in the pier construction of Wenzhou Oujiang North Bridge. With a payload capacity of 2,000 kg and a lifting height of 150 meters, the elevators climbed the pylons at an incline of 1.5 degrees to provide efficient vertical access during the concrete slip form construction of the bridge pylons.

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Alimak’s range of vertical access products deliver efficient and reliable vertical access for construction projects. 

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Why choose an Alimak vertical access solution

Enhance sustainability

Tried and tested technology 

Range of sizes, capacities and configurations

Minimise climbing and manual handling

Service and Support


A comprehensive range of maintenance services are available and carried out by trained Alimak Service technicians to ensure the ongoing optimal performance of equipment. 

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 Connectivity and asset management solutions report on the efficiency of Alimak products and provide support to prolong the product lifecycle. 

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Alimak’s engineers develop customer-focused solutions for demanding installations. Tailored solutions include configuration drawings as well as strength, ground load and anchor force calculations.

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A range of safety, installation and operator training courses are available for Alimak’s range of products. 

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Alimak offers flexible finance solutions ranging from deferred payment terms, Export Finance to financial leases.

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Building Information Modelling is available for simulations, installations and the integration of Alimak products at any point in a project. 

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