Bridges and tunnels 

The construction of bridges and tunnels requires a solution capable of reaching extensive lifting heights efficiently and providing practical access underground.

Alimak’s range of temporary vertical access products provide a rapid and reliable means of vertical transportation during the construction of bridges and tunnels. Alimak’s industrial elevators provide permanent access for inspections, maintenance and emergency access for a multitude of bridge, road, rail and metro tunnel applications around the world. The range of hoists, platforms and elevators available are adaptable to inclinations and curves, tight spaces and often harsh environmental conditions.

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Alimak industrial elevators can be used for bridge pylons, road, rail and metro tunnel shafts. Without the need for a machine room or shaft, Alimak’s elevators are able to operate in tight and narrow spaces to transport passengers and tools.
Rama VIII Bridge

Bangkok, Thailand

Alimak elevator provides access inside the bridge pylon

Alimak designed and manufactured an SE 500 elevator to provide access up and down a pylon on the Rama VIII Bridge, Bangkok. The elevator is installed inside the inverted-Y concrete pylon of the cabled-stay bridge, on the Chao Phraya River. Measuring 0.9 m x 1.3 m, it travels the 13° incline up the pylon’s leg at a speed of 60 metres per minute, slowing at 75-metres to adjust for a vertical climb. Alimak devised this solution by dividing the mainframe into five pieces.

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Channel Tunnel

Dover, UK

Three Alimak construction hoists helped build the tunnel beneath the English Channel

Alimak supplied three special construction hoists, to solve access difficulties in the ventilation shaft during the construction of the Channel Tunnel. Alimak delivered a double-deck Scando 20/30 with split landing arrangements and speeds of 28 metres per minute and two Alimak Scando Super 28/37 C units operating at 96 metres per minute. The vertical access solution was used over 25,000 times in the first four months of the operation.

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The Copenhagen Metro

Copenhagen, Denmark

9 Alimak shaft elevators provide emergency escape at the metro

Alimak provided nine rack and pinion elevators for escape shafts during the construction of the Metro in Copenhagen. The Alimak SE-12 industrial elevators featured a payload of 1200 kg each and were equipped to allow two stretchers to be transported in the cars in the event of an emergency. All elevator cables were flame retardant to eliminate the risk of gases created by burning cables in case of a fire. Additional windows were added in the rear car wall so that the rescuers could get their bearings when driving up and down in the shaft.

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Alimak industrial elevators deliver efficient and reliable vertical access for a range obridge and tunnel applications. 

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Why choose an Alimak vertical access solution

Minimise climbing and manual handling 

Tried and tested technology 

Range of car sizes and capacities 

Explosion proof available

Service and Support


A comprehensive range of maintenance services are available and carried out by trained Alimak Service technicians to ensure the ongoing optimal performance of equipment. 

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 Connectivity and asset management solutions report on the efficiency of Alimak products and provide support to prolong the product lifecycle. 

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Alimak’s engineers develop customer-focused solutions for demanding installations. Tailored solutions include configuration drawings as well as strength, ground load and anchor force calculations.

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A range of safety, installation and operator training courses are available for Alimak’s range of products. 

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Alimak offers flexible finance solutions ranging from deferred payment terms, Export Finance to financial leases.

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Building Information Modelling is available for simulations, installations and the integration of Alimak products at any point in a project. 

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