Guodian Suqian Power Plant

Jiangsu Province, China 

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Jiangsu Province, China 



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Alimak SL 600 FC elevators provide access inside the chimneys of the power plant

Owned by China’s National Energy Investment Group, the Guodian Suqian Power Plant Units 3 and 4 (660 MW) are not only part of a supercritical secondary reheating unit project but are also involved in a project to develop large units and suppress smaller ones. The Ministry of Science and Technology of China listed it as a science and technology demonstration project. 

 As such, the Guodian Suqian Power Plant opted for an Alimak SL Rack and Pinion elevator for units 3 and 4. This industrial elevator provides ease of access for both passengers and goods weighing up to 600 kg, between the ground level and another two floors. This Alimak elevator solution required minimum preparation in the facility as rack and pinion elevators do not require a costly elevator shaft or machine room to be integrated into the facility structure prior to installation. Each of the tie-ins used to attach the elevator mast tower are fixed to the concrete by chemical bolts. The elevator can, therefore, be installed easily and efficiently. The purpose of the industrial elevator for this chimney application is to transport people to the CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) to measure emissions. 


Location: Yangbei, Sucheng, Suqian Prefecture, Jiangsu Province, China

Application: Chimney

Elevator type: Rack and pinion

Elevator model: ALIMAK SL 600 FC

No. of elevators: 1

Capacity: 600 kg

Elevator car size: 0.78 m x 1.04 m x 2.17 m

Speed: 0.55 m/s

Lifting height: 60


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