Dec 19 2022

Alimak offers a comprehensive range of service and support solutions

As a global leader in the manufacturing and design of vertical access solutions, Alimak provides industry-leading product and customer support services to the owners and operators of Alimak industrial elevators, construction hoists and platforms.

Through our service centres in over 100 countries, the range of service and support solutions include; service packages, preventative maintenance and repairs, inspections, refurbishments, genuine replacement parts, training and asset management tailored to manage the total lifecycle of Alimak equipment.

Service maintenance

Alimak offers a comprehensive range of service maintenance solutions specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements. Upon evaluation of the equipment the Alimak team can provide custom maintenance programmes and repair solutions that guarantee the maximum uptime and productivity of all equipment. Service contracts are also available to allow industries to benefit from repeat and ongoing maintenance services.

Inspections, safety, and compliance

Routine inspection programmes are offered to ensure all Alimak products are always running optimally. We stay up to date on industry updates and advancements to ensure equipment continually complies with regulatory and legislative frameworks.

Genuine spare parts

Genuine Alimak spare parts will guarantee that your systems function as effectively and efficiently as possible. Utilising Alimak spare parts will ensure reduced downtime and ownership costs while ensuring that your equipment operates at peak efficiency.

Alimak has a global replacement parts distribution network that delivers components such as safety devices, brake pads, gearboxes, and motors instantaneously.

Refurbishment solutions

Alimak’s refurbishment solutions are designed to restore and update the original elevator system or car thereby extending the lifespan of vertical access systems and guaranteeing their compliance with modern safety requirements. Some equipment upgrades and refurbishment solutions offered include:

· Control upgrades

· Exchange unit programme

· Component upgrades

· Worn equipment replacements

Refurbishments provide a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to completely replacing systems experiencing minor faults or deficits.


Alimak offers training programmes to support the safe operation, maintenance, and installation of its equipment. Some training courses offered by Alimak include operator training, personal safety training, technical training, and installation training. These courses are delivered through a combination of online learning-based resources and classroom learning.

Asset management

Asset management services are designed to help industries manage the lifespan of equipment through proactive maintenance. Alimak provides localised support to guarantee product uptime and increased productivity and safety. This service also includes remote monitoring systems which collect and display vital operational insights and can detect faults. Asset management is available at a fixed cost and is premised on the auditing of equipment.

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