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My Alimak is a customised web-based portal developed by Alimak Group to enhance the safe and efficient use of Alimak construction products. The remote monitoring portal provides users with up-to-date information on their Alimak construction equipment.

The My Alimak portal displays a wide variety of operational information – with data collected and displayed in an easy-to-read format – along with many additional features such as an advanced force calculation tool, Bim and document libraries. Access to this data gives owners improved support of overall asset management, by anticipating necessary maintenance and repairs as required, enhancing safety, ensuring maximum product uptime, and minimising downtime due to repairs.


Introducing My Alimak

Have you thought about how to make your work at a construction site more efficient?

The concept we offer

Features at a glance

The My Alimak portal provides the maintenance team, operators, and product owners with access to:


General specifications, such as serial number, product type, performance data and temperature.


View a wide variety of operational information and data of your Alimak product in real time.


Detect up-to-date alert messages for easy remote diagnostics, keeping down-time to a minimum.


Map with current positioning of all your connected Alimak products.


Access to all technical documentation, manuals and certificates for your Alimak products.


Advanced online tool to calculate reaction forces, saving time and enhancing safety.

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BIM Gallery

Integrate BIM-models at the planning phase of you project to visualise and optimise your vertical transportation requirements.

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Analyse your hoist utilisation in an easy-to-read format and enhance construction logistics and sustainability with extended operational data.


Easy access to available training courses online for your Alimak product.


Easy access to local technical support whenever needed.

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