Central Deborah Gold Mine

Victoria, Australia

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Victoria, Australia



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Alimak elevator refurbishment for an Australian Gold Mine

At the Central Deborah Gold Mine in Victoria, tourists are invited to explore the mine’s surface with its treasure trove of mining equipment steeped in history. 

The gold mine is known for providing tourists the unique experience of discovering the harsh conditions of miners from Australia’s famed gold rush era.

The first Alimak Scando 20/32 TD elevator was installed in 1998 when the underground gold mine experience first opened and was serviced regularly. The current mineshaft descends 75 meters, and the elevator conducts eight tours per day on a normal day and can increase during peak season, resulting in over 40,000 visitors per year utilising the elevator. 

After a number of visits to the mine, Alimak’s technicians made a plan to refurbish the Alimak Scando elevator at the Central Deborah Gold Mine based on the specific requirements for this unique application. The refurbishment works needed to be completed quickly to minimise the downtime and avoid minimising the mine’s profitability.

The refurbishment of the mine’s original Scando elevator saw Alimak supply a fully galvanised cage and new equipment, including guide rollers, rack, and an all-electrical apparatus. The installation of the new cage will allow the mine to continue safely and reliably transporting tourists whilst still providing a coarse and rugged ride for an authentic mine experience.

The Alimak Scando 20/32 TD elevator is no longer sold new; however, it is a testament to the original products’ robust and high-quality engineering and in this instance, a refurbishment was a more sustainable choice than replacing the existing elevator with a new model. 

Alimak vertical access solutions are sought after within the mining industry for their rugged and dependable design and to meet its specific needs. Alimak industrial elevators can be installed above or below the ground for efficient vertical access, removing the need for hazardous and inefficient stair climbing.

“On behalf of Bendigo Heritage Attractions, I wish to extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Alimak team for your refurbishment and installation of our new Alimak cage at the Central Deborah Gold Mine. As you are aware, our Alimak elevator is essential to our operations and carries over 40,000 visitors a year. Being a heritage tourist mine, brings with it some unique challenges and the way you and your team worked with us throughout the project was exemplary.”

– James Reade
Chief Executive Officer, Bendigo Heritage Attractions

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