Jun 25 2024

Optimising Data Centre Operations with Alimak’s Vertical Access Solutions

Alimak, a leader in vertical access solutions, provides innovative elevator systems that cater to the rigorous demands of data centers. By facilitating the movement of personnel and equipment within the complex infrastructure of data centres, our solutions enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Understanding the unique requirements of data centers, Alimak offers industrial elevators that can be installed without requiring extensive shaft construction. This flexibility is crucial in environments where space optimisation and reliability are critical. Alimak’s elevators can be retrofitted outdoors or outside an existing building without requiring a shaft. The elevators handle a variety of loads, from small parcels to large trolleys and equipment, ensuring smooth operations and efficient logistical management.

Spotlight on Real-Life Applications

Data Center in UK
A large data centre and a significant hub in the UK required a robust vertical access solution capable of supporting its extensive office and IT plant areas. The challenge was to provide an elevator system that could seamlessly integrate with the existing structure and accommodate the high demands of a large-scale data centre. The solution was an Alimak industrial elevator featuring a capacity of 3,200 kg, a speed of 0.7 m/s, a lifting height of 11 m, and four landings.

Alimak delivered an innovative industrial elevator system that was not just a standard solution but specifically tailored to the Slough data centre’s unique needs. The solution included:

Flexible Design: The elevators were designed to fit into the available space without extensive structural modifications.

High Capacity: Capable of handling heavy loads, the elevators ensured efficient transportation of equipment and personnel.

Reliability and Durability: Built to operate continuously under high demand, the elevators provided a reliable solution for the data centre’s logistical challenges.

The successful implementation of Alimak’s elevator system at the UKdata centre highlights our team’s capability to install vertical access solutions that cater to the unique demands of complex industrial environments. This installation significantly improved operational efficiency and safety. The reliable and rapid transportation of equipment and personnel enhanced the data centre’s overall functionality, contributing to its success as a vital infrastructure facility.

Alimak’s vertical access solutions are designed to meet the specific challenges of data centres, offering flexibility, efficiency, and reliability. Data centres can optimise operations by integrating advanced elevator systems and ensuring streamlined and enhanced logistical management safety.

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