Jun 17 2024

Alimak’s High-Capacity Elevators Designed for Diverse Industrial Applications

Alimak, a leader in vertical access solutions, offers a range of high-capacity elevators designed to meet the most demanding industrial requirements. Alimak’s elevators eliminate the need for a machine room or supportive elevator shaft, leveraging the robust and versatile traction and rack and pinion drive technologies. This innovation ensures that our elevators can be installed in various environments, including internal, external, offshore, and explosive settings. Below, we explore the features and applications of Alimak’s large-capacity elevators.

Alimak SE-H
The Alimak SE-H range of industrial elevators offers reliable, high-capacity vertical access for passengers and freight in demanding environments. Its modular design allows for various car sizes and door options, with a maximum payload of 3,200 kg. The durable design is built for tough industrial use, requiring no shaft due to its rack-and-pinion technology and no machine room, thanks to the compact drive unit on top of the car.

Alimak SE TM
The Alimak SE TM elevators are designed to transport materials weighing up to seven tonnes in safe and hazardous areas. Known for our industry-leading safety features, these elevators offer a variety of large car sizes, ranging from 4.7 metres to 11.9 metres. With a payload capacity of up to 7,000 kg, they are ideal for harsh environments and are available with explosion protection options.

Alimak FM
The Alimak FM range of cargo elevators is designed to automate vessel cargo loading and below-deck storage in tough marine conditions, enhancing safety and reducing handling risks. It can transport up to 12,000 kg and accommodate standard shipping containers up to four metres long. Its flush top deck design allows easy top loading with a crane and offloading with a forklift. The Alimak FM range can be installed inside a vessel’s vertical cargo shaft without a separate machine room. It is DNV-certified for offshore use.

Alimak OS
The Alimak OS range of industrial elevators is engineered for robust performance in harsh offshore conditions. These elevators can transport passengers and freight up to 10,000 kg. The modular design allows customisation for various car sizes and capacities tailored to specific offshore applications. Key features include superior ride comfort, eco-efficiency drive systems, stainless steel components, comprehensive safety features, and explosion-proof options, ensuring efficient and reliable vertical access solutions for offshore platforms and vessels.

Custom Industrial Elevators
Alimak’s industrial elevators, built on rack and pinion technology, are adaptable to almost any height or payload and can be installed on inclined or curved structures. The largest payload capacity to date is 24,000 kg, with the highest elevator reaching 645 metres and the deepest underground application at 700 metres.

Application Examples

Alimak’s elevators have been successfully installed in various challenging environments, demonstrating versatility and reliability. For instance, at the Royal Opera House in London, a 24-tonne elevator on four masts transports a fully loaded truck at a time, ensuring efficient backstage operations. Similarly, the Kuwait Telecom Centre features a platform capable of lifting 12 tonnes to a height of 62 metres, installed outside the building without an elevator shaft, showcasing the flexibility of Alimak’s design.

In South Korea, Korean Airlines uses a 10-tonne elevator to transport jet engines, highlighting the elevator’s capacity to handle oversized and heavy loads with precision. Meanwhile, at the Rönnskär Smelting Plant in Sweden, a 7-tonne elevator ensures the efficient transportation of materials within the plant.

Alimak’s high-capacity elevators are designed to meet the rigorous demands of industrial applications, providing reliable, efficient vertical transportation solutions with enhanced safety. With our proven rack-and-pinion drive technology, our products offer unparalleled performance, ensuring that even the most challenging environments are catered to with precision and reliability.

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