May 29 2024

Elevating Construction Efficiency with the New Alimak Vectio 650

Alimak is proud to introduce the Vectio 650, our latest innovation in transport platforms, designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and productivity on construction sites. The Alimak Vectio 650 is a testament to Alimak’s commitment to providing superior vertical access solutions that meet the evolving needs of the construction industry. Below, we provide an overview of the Vectio 650’s key features and unparalleled advantages in modern construction environments.

Unmatched Capacity and Size
The Vectio 650 stands out as Alimak’s largest transport platform, offering an impressive platform size of up to 14.7 square metres. This expansive platform is specifically engineered to transport wide and bulky goods, including large, prefabricated pods, external cladding panels, and other substantial materials. By facilitating the efficient vertical movement of these materials, the Vectio 650 significantly reduces the need for a tower crane, thereby saving costs and enhancing safety on construction sites.

The Vectio 650 caters to diverse project requirements and is available in single-mast and twin-mast configurations. The single-masted version boasts a payload capacity of up to 2500 kg with a platform size of up to 7.35 square metres. For even larger loads, the twin-masted version can handle payloads up to 3700 kg. This flexibility ensures that the Vectio 650 can be adapted to the unique needs of each construction project.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Productivity and Safety
The transport platform is designed with an open platform, facilitating easy loading, and unloading of materials. Its operation modes include a material hoist mode, capable of reaching speeds of 24 metres per minute for goods-only transportation, and a transport platform mode, which allows for the movement of both passengers and materials at 12 metres per minute. These features are tailored to improve logistical efficiency and safety on construction sites.

A hallmark of the Vectio 650 is its compatibility with Alimak’s 650 mast, tie, and landing gate systems, allowing for seamless integration with existing Alimak construction hoists. This compatibility not only enhances operational efficiency by separating the movement of people and materials but also leverages the robust and durable design of Alimak products, which are suitable for the harshest working conditions.

Sustainability and Innovation
In line with Alimak’s commitment to sustainability, the Vectio 650 is manufactured using 100% renewable energy, focusing on minimising CO2 impact and operating consumption. The transport platform is digitally connected, offering access via the My Alimak portal, and is designed to be operated in high wind speeds of up to 20 m/s, ensuring reliability and safety in various weather conditions.

Modular Design for Ultimate Flexibility
The Vectio 650’s modular design provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing for platform size, capacity, and lifting height customisation. This adaptability makes the Vectio 650 an ideal solution for the growing trend of modular construction, offering the ability to transport large prefabricated modules efficiently and safely.

The Alimak Vectio 650 transport platform encapsulates innovative engineering, environmental responsibility, and operational efficiency synergy. Its introduction marks a significant advancement in vertical access solutions, offering construction projects around the globe a way to enhance productivity, safety, and sustainability.

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