Jun 23 2023

Enhancing productivity on construction sites with Alimak’s vertical access solutions

Alimak has been a vertical access industry pioneer for over 70 years, providing far-ranging vertical access solutions to fulfil the needs of a wide range of construction projects across the world. Vertical access solutions from Alimak have been used to construct the world’s tallest buildings, longest bridges, and most iconic landmarks.

Construction hoists and transport platforms from Alimak provide efficient and dependable transportation for people and materials on construction sites. Alimak mast climbing work platforms offer a productive and reliable working access solution at height. The robust design of our vertical access products allows for improved productivity and uptime on construction sites, with a range of products available to fit the needs of every project.

Construction hoists

Alimak construction hoists are manufactured with tried and tested technology to drive sustainability, efficiency and enhance productivity across the construction industry. Utilising a range of intelligent features and robust modular designs, Alimak’s construction hoists enhance safety and provide an efficient and reliable means of vertical transport across construction sites.

The latest addition to the Alimak range of construction products is the new Alimak Scando 650a. This latest model of the popular Scando 650 construction hoist range uses less energy than previous models thanks to its lightweight design and energy-efficient technology.

It’s also a relatively affordable hoist, compatible with existing Alimak Scando 650 accessories, offering flexibility and versatility at every stage. With variable travel speeds determined by payload and power, you can remotely connect this hoist to the My Alimak remote monitoring portal to track performance insights and also supporting materials. The new Alimak Scando 650a is suitable for lifting heights of up to 200 metres as standard, potentially increasing this maximum to 400 metres if needed.

Transport platforms and material hoists

Alimak transport platforms and material hoists are designed for a variety of applications and provide additional functionality to enhance production and improve on-site safety. The TPL range is designed and manufactured for smaller construction sites, lighter loads and restricted spaces whilst the TPM range is suitable for efficiently lifting heavier loads to the desired level. Both ranges are available in 6 different configurations.  

Mast climbing work platforms
Mast climbing work platforms, which are efficient even at the lowest levels, are the appropriate vertical access solution for facade work such as bricking, window installation, and coating. The Alimak MC 450 and MC 650 models provide efficient transportation of people, tools and essential materials across any level as required, the mast climbing range offers a ready to go ergonomically designed working space which increases productivity and contributes to safer working practices on the construction site.

Custom Solutions

Alimak has a wide range of custom vertical access solutions for a variety of construction applications and situations. Alimak’s modular construction hoists, transport platforms, and mast climbing work platforms are adaptable to a wide range of applications. 

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