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Alimak Mast Climbing Work Platforms ease facade work at a sustainable construction project in Northern Sweden

The latest development in the district of Strömsör is located by the river in central Skellefteå. Here, a completely new residential area is being built featuring over 200 apartments, green lanes, parking garages and office spaces. 

 As the population of Skellefteå increases, there is a greater need for new housing. The residential area of Strömsör is growing, creating the need for development. Construction has commenced with work on a development featuring 100 new condominium apartments and 118 rental apartments underway.  

Strömsör extends from the European highway E4 and east along the north side of the Skellefteå River. An urban environment is being created, courtyards and houses will be mixed with green strokes, providing a naturally pleasant environment in harmony with the river. The area is supplemented by a parking garage and a seven-story office building facing the river.  

Strömsör will be characterized by a clear focus on sustainability. Waste management, water supply, and energy use have been brought into special consideration throughout the design and construction project. Tough environmental requirements will also be set for material selection, moisture safety and ventilation.  

The project is based on a collaboration between Skellefteå municipality and three local property owners.  


Alimak’s rental partner Ramirent is responsible for the delivery of all of the construction equipment for the project including vertical access equipment from Alimak. 

 Sustainability has been one of the highest priorities of this project, and Alimak’s efficient vertical access solutions were chosen to save energy throughout the construction phase.  

The Alimak MC 650 mast climbing work platform is used at the site for bricklaying and façade cladding. The MC 650 is Alimak´s latest innovation in heavy-duty mast climbing platforms. The platform boasts lengths of up to 19.4 m in a single mast configuration and up to 41.8 m in a twin mast configuration and maintains high payload capacity even on the longest platforms. The maximum payload is no less than 3,630 kg on a single and 7,240 kg on its twin equivalent. With a mobile chassis and a freestanding setup of up to 22 m outdoors, it is quick and easy to get started with any facade work. The low loading position of 1.2 m with a pedestal and 1.5 m with a mobile chassis facilitates easy loading of the work platform at ground level. The high capacity and versatility of the MC 650 platform allow for greater productivity and cost efficiencies.  

In addition to the Alimak mast climbing platforms, two Alimak construction hoists have also been utilized on the site to transport workers and materials. 


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