Sep 20 2023

Celebrating 75 Years of Alimak’s Innovative Leadership in Vertical Access Solutions

In 2023, Alimak celebrates its 75th year as a global leader and pioneer in the design and manufacture of vertical access solutions for industrial and construction industries where Alimak is known for its dedication to product quality and engineering innovation.

To understand Alimak’s history, we need to go back to its beginnings. Our story begins with Mr. Alvar Lindmark, the visionary founder, who began his journey in the construction industry in 1944, mixing mortar by hand on a Stockholm construction site. His laborious work led to a ground breaking idea. With a bold leap of faith, he invested in a used engine and repurposed some old plumbing components, spending only SEK 500 financed on credit. The result was an ingenious automatic mortar mixer that exceeded expectations and earned Alvar a coveted patent. This invention was called ‘Limak’ and made a significant impact in the market.

Two years later, Alvar decided to part ways with his creation due to a yearning for his northern roots. In 1946, he successfully sold the patent to the well-established building machinery manufacturer Tornborg & Lundberg for SEK 7,500. With this capital, he returned to Skellefteå, where he embarked on his next transformative venture – developing an engine-driven bending machine for reinforced iron, traditionally done manually. His innovative product streamlined the labour-intensive and time-consuming processes at construction sites.

With unwavering determination and a wealth of experience, Alvar Lindmark laid the foundation of his engineering company on March 15, 1948. This historic moment marked the birth of Alvar N. Lindmark Aktiebolag and set the stage for the journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Alimak. In this pivotal moment, we find the embodiment of innovation, a commitment to quality, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Today, as we proudly celebrate our 75th anniversary, we reflect upon our past, which serves as a testament to the visionary leadership, determination, and pioneering spirit of our founder, Alvar Lindmark. Today, Alimak stands tall, relentlessly shaping the future of vertical access solutions with innovative technology and an unwavering commitment to diverse industries.

Having delivered thousands of vertical access solutions worldwide, our range of work platforms, construction hoists, and industrial elevators are used in a wide array of applications across many major industries. From construction sites, shipping ports to warehouses, resource-rich mines, bridges and tunnels, power plants that drive nations forward, and offshore installations such as oil rigs and maritime vessels, Alimak’s presence is felt across the globe, serving as an essential cornerstone of vertical access.

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