Jun 26 2024

Second Alimak Industrial Elevator Installation on the Svanen Crane Ship

Alimak has once again demonstrated its engineering prowess by installing a second industrial elevator on the Svanen crane ship, enhancing its formidable capabilities. This new addition supports the vessel’s 25-metre extension, raising its height from 80 to 105 metres. The Svanen, renowned as the largest crane vessel globally, features a lifting capacity of 5,705 tonnes. This expansion improves operational efficiency and enhances safety and accessibility in challenging offshore environments.

Alimak’s expertise in vertical access solutions is well exemplified by its work on the Svanen. The initial elevator installation presented significant challenges due to the vessel’s unique structural demands and the extreme offshore conditions it faces. The team had to carefully plan and implement a solution to withstand the powerful forces exerted during heavy lifting operations and adverse weather conditions.

Advanced Safety and Performance Features
The elevator systems developed by Alimak for the Svanen are designed to handle the intense operational requirements of marine environments. These elevators use special bolts and mounting methods to enhance stability and safety, even under the strain of lifting massive structures like wind turbine bases.  Alimak’s standard solutions for harsh marine conditions, such as the SE 500 elevator, include extruded aluminium car wall panels with car support frames and hot dip galvanised steel mast sections. All electrical cabinets and landing control boxes are made of stainless steel, and optional stainless-steel cars are available to ensure durability and resistance to harsh environments.

Compliance and Innovation
Alimak’s commitment to compliance and innovation is exemplified in its work on the Svanen. Meeting the rigorous standards of Lloyds classification was not a mere formality but a thorough process that involved extensive risk assessments and close collaboration with regulatory bodies. This meticulous approach ensures that the elevators meet safety regulations and push the boundaries of what is possible in marine elevator technology.

Enhancing Operational Efficiency
The addition of the second Alimak elevator significantly boosts Svanen’s operational efficiency. This new installation allows crew members to move quickly and safely across the ship’s extended height, facilitating smoother operations and maintenance tasks. This improvement is crucial for maintaining the vessel’s productivity, especially in demanding operating environments.

The successful installation of the second elevator on the Svanen crane ship highlights Alimak’s innovative and reliable vertical access solutions. This enhancement demonstrates Alimak’s role in advancing marine infrastructure, ensuring the world’s largest crane vessel operates safely and efficiently at new heights.

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