Jun 16 2023

How My Alimak is revolutionising the vertical access solutions industry

My Alimak revolutionises the utilisation of Alimak’s vertical access solutions for the construction industry by among other things harnessing valuable data generated by equipment to elevate performance. Alimak’s exceptional achievement in digitalisation was recently recognised, receiving the prestigious IAPA Award in the digital development category for the  customer portal My Alimak. This recognition underscores Alimak’s dedication to innovation and capacity to bring transformative solutions to the industry.

In this article, we explore the key features of My Alimak, showcasing how this solution represents a remarkable advancement for the vertical access industry.

What is My Alimak?

My Alimak is an invaluable resource for businesses using Alimak construction products. Developed by Alimak Group, the online web-based portal provides users with up-to-date information on Alimak construction equipment to enhance the safe and efficient use of Alimak products. 

My Alimak utilises remote monitoring of the advanced ALC systems in Alimak products. It is integrated into all connected Alimak construction hoists equipped with cutting-edge hardware. The portal allows multiple users to access it simultaneously from various platforms, ensuring data security through two-factor authentication.

What information does My Alimak provide?

My Alimak offers a range of features to enhance the management and operation of Alimak hoists. Users can access general specifications, real-time operational information, and alerts for remote diagnostics. The platform also provides location tracking, access to technical documentation, and an advanced calculation tool for reaction forces. Additionally, users can integrate BIM models, analyse hoist utilisation, find spare parts online, and access training courses for Alimak products.

With My Alimak, users have a comprehensive solution that streamlines hoist management and improves efficiency. By leveraging the platform’s features, users and owners alike can optimise construction logistics, minimise downtime, enhance safety, and access valuable data and resources in a user-friendly manner. My Alimak empowers users with the tools and information necessary to operate Alimak hoists effectively.

How does My Alimak improve diagnostics?

My Alimak can promptly alert users of any detected issues within the equipment, enabling remote diagnostics. The data presented by My Alimak may indicate problems that are easily solved.

If repairs are required, the My Alimak portal can guide users to spare parts online, assisting in resolving the issue. Furthermore, comprehensive documentation, including technical details and manuals, is readily available to enhance users’ understanding of the equipment’s functionality.

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