Jan 29 2024

Alimak’s History: Innovating Vertical Access with Jacob’s Ladder

Alimak has produced diverse products throughout our long history, ranging from mortar mixers, cranes, cement containers, and winches to ski lifts, snow cannons, and climbers. However, Alimak has since cemented its strong reputation in the design and manufacture of vertical access products, marking a significant evolution for the company.

Alimak’s founder, Mr. Alvar Lindmark (1917 – 1975), was the mastermind behind this vast array of products and innovations. A gifted inventor, Lindmark had many ground-breaking ideas in his arsenal, some of which remained unrealised, including designs for an electric car and equipment intended to aid NASA’s astronauts during the Apollo missions of the late 1960s.

Mr. Lindmark was a visionary with a spiritual dimension, and his favourite biblical narrative centred on Jacob’s ladder. He aspired to bring this biblical metaphor to life in a practical sense. In 1956, he christened one of his new creations, “Jacob’s Ladder.” This invention was a facade hoist designed to assist painters and bricklayers. It operated by ascending on a toothed rack and took no longer than five minutes to assemble.

Jacob’s Ladder marked the inception of an innovative era in vertical access within the construction industry. This invention gave birth to the Raise Climber, based on the same rack and pinion principle. This concept offered the construction and mining industries a much-needed alternative to outdated, hazardous equipment. It was easy to assemble and user-friendly, combining the functionalities of a hoist and a work platform. This innovation was met with a warm reception, and the rack and pinion concept quickly established itself as the preferred solution for the construction industry and leading mining companies.

Over 60 years since its introduction, this pioneering invention remains a cornerstone of Alimak’s position as the market leader in vertical access solutions for construction and industrial projects. Rack and pinion-based equipment has become the industry standard, used in projects worldwide wherever the core values of reliability, productivity, and safety take precedence.

The story of “Jacob’s Ladder” is a testament to an invention that continues its ascent towards excellence, embodying the values of innovation and practicality that have been a hallmark of Alimak’s ongoing success.

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