Mar 01 2024

Elevating Efficiency in the Construction Industry with Alimak’s Diverse Range of Vertical Access Solutions

Efficiency and reliability are paramount in construction, where time and safety are valuable. Alimak’s vertical access solutions are designed to optimise efficiency, minimise downtime, and ensure streamlined project progress. From construction hoists to transport platforms and mast climbing work platforms, our products enhance operational efficiency through innovative engineering and user-centric design, reducing waiting times and optimising material transportation. Moreover, we offer custom solutions tailored to unique project needs, collaborating with clients to design solutions that seamlessly integrate into their requirements.

Our portfolio of products is uniquely designed to address specific construction challenges. Read on to learn more.

Construction Hoists

Alimak Medius 350

The Alimak Medius 350 construction hoist is designed with proven technology for streamlined logistics on construction sites. Its compact design is ideal for small to medium-sized projects with limited space, including elevator shafts. With dimensions of 1.4 m x 1.5 m, it can carry up to 1,000 kilograms, ensuring efficient transportation of materials and workers.

Alimak SC

The SC range of construction hoists offers flexibility and robustness, catering to various building projects. With car sizes of 1.4 m x 3.0 m or 1.5 m x 3.2 m and payloads of up to 2,000 kg, the SC range ensures efficient vertical transport and enhances safety.

Alimak Scando 450

Engineered to tackle logistical challenges, the Scando 450 range combines a robust rack and pinion drive with advanced control systems. Available in single and dual car configurations, it ranges from 1.4 m x 2.0 m to 3.2 m and payloads from 600–2,000 kg. In addition, it can travel at speeds between 30 and 54 m/min, offering cost-effective solutions adaptable to various project needs.

Alimak Scando 650 and 650 XL

The Scando 650 series caters for projects demanding heightened efficiency and reliability in vertical access solutions. These hoists are available in car sizes ranging from 1.5 m x 2.8 m to 5.0 m or 2.0 m x 3.2 m to 5.0 m, accommodating payloads of up to 3,500 kg and offering varying speeds from 38–100 m/min. The robust design and versatile capabilities make them the best choice for construction environments where bulky materials must be transported efficiently and safely.

Alimak Mammoth

Alimak Mammoth tackle the most demanding construction challenges. Its robust design and unparalleled capabilities make it easily transport large and bulky loads. This hoist has car sizes ranging from 3.0 to 3.5 m x 4.6 to 5.0 m and can reach 30 m/min speeds with payloads of up to 5,500 kg. 

Transport Platforms

Alimak TPL

Alimak’s transport platforms redefine vertical access efficiency, surpassing traditional hoists with their robust design and enhanced functionality. Ideal for smaller projects, the TPL range swiftly transports loads of up to 2,000 kg, enhancing productivity on-site. With dimensions ranging from 1.0–3.2 m x 1.5–4.4 m and capacities from 300–2,000 kg, they offer versatility and adaptability for various project needs.

Alimak TPM

The Alimak TPM range streamlines vertical transportation on construction sites, moving passengers and bulky loads. Its versatile design allows for indoor or outdoor installation, offering unmatched flexibility. The platforms are designed for efficiency and productivity, with capacities ranging from 1,300 to 4,000 kg and six configurations. Dimensions range from 1.6–4.8 m x 1.6–3.2 m, making it adaptable to diverse project requirements.

Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Alimak MC 450 

Mast climbing work platforms offer a superior alternative to traditional scaffolding for facade work, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency. The Alimak MC 450 mast climbing work platform drives productivity across construction sites, from ground level to all heights. It provides a versatile solution tailored to various project needs with dimensions ranging from 1.2–2.2 x 4.2–30.2 m and capacities from 750–5,500 kg. 

Alimak MC 650 

The Alimak MC 650 is Alimak’s largest and most robust mast climbing work platform, engineered for optimal efficiency. It provides a high-quality vertical access solution for heavy-duty applications with dimensions ranging from 1.5–3.3 m x 4.4–41.8 m and payload capacities from 2,230 kg to 7,240 kg.

Real World Applications

Oujiang Bridge Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China

To illustrate the practical application of our vertical access solutions, let’s look at the construction of the Oujiang Bridge in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China. This double-deck suspension bridge, spanning the Oujiang River, posed significant logistical challenges during its construction phase.

Two Alimak SC 45/30 construction hoists were deployed to overcome these hurdles, serving as the backbone of vertical transportation on the site. These hoists, with a payload capacity of 2,000 kg and capable of lifting to a height of 150 metres, navigated the 1.5-degree inclination of the pylons effortlessly. This ensured streamlined progress during the concrete slip from the construction phase.

The Oujiang Bridge, with three concrete pylons and main spans of 2 x 800 metres, demanded precision and efficiency at every stage. Our solutions were integral to the project’s success as we ensured swift transportation of personnel and materials for concrete work.

Strömsör Skellefteå, Sweden

Another example of our vertical access solutions can be found in the construction project at Strömsör, Sweden. This ambitious project aims to create a vibrant residential area along the scenic banks of the Skellefteå River, featuring over 200 apartments, office space, parking facilities, and green spaces. The project is focused on being eco-friendly, with plans to save water, manage waste, and use energy wisely.

In partnership with Ramirent, our access solutions have been integral to the project’s success. The MC 650 mast climbing work platform is utilised for bricklaying and facade cladding, offering impressive height and payload capacity capabilities. It can reach lengths of up to 19.4 metres in a single mast configuration and up to 41.8 metres in a twin mast setup. Additionally, we have deployed two construction hoists to facilitate the transportation of workers and materials.

We remain committed to pioneering advancements that enhance the safety and productivity of construction sites.

Contact us to find out how our range of vertical access solutions can enhance productivity and accelerate your construction project’s success.