Ports and Shipyards

In an industry where profits are dependent on a consistent flow of operations, the time-cost and safety risks associated with climbing ladders can be excessive. Ports and shipyards experience significantly greater output when essential crane components and machinery can be accessed rapidly for maintenance and repairs.  

Alimak industrial elevators increase productivity and foster safer operations in ports and shipyards around the world. Frequently used to transport passengers to the top of a crane in just two minutes, an Alimak industrial elevator provides an efficient vertical access solution.  

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Alimak industrial elevators drive productivity in range of applications on ports and shipyards including rubber-tired gantry cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, ship unloaders, rail-mounted gantry cranes, drydocks, goliath cranes, silos and warehouses. 

Borg Havn

Fredrikstad, Norway

25-year old Alimak elevator gets a face-lift

During an upgrade of the port’s container crane the Alimak industrial elevator, which was still operational after 25 years, also received an upgrade. Alimak worked closely with the port of Borg Havn throughout the project, providing engineering, technical, electrical and rigging support.

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Nelson Pier, Williamstown Shipyard

VIC, Australia

Alimak industrial elevator provides ship access at the Williamstown Shipyard Nelson Pier

An Alimak SE rack and pinion industrial elevator was installed within an access tower at Williamstown Shipyard’s Nelson Pier in Victoria, Australia. Utilised as the primary means of accessing the hulls of docked ships, the Alimak elevator improves efficiency through a practical vertical access solution.

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Pusan Port

South Korea

18 Alimak elevator improve crane access at the new terminal in Port of Pusan

Eighteen Alimak SE 450 FC industrial elevators utilise rack and pinion technology to deliver reliable and efficient vertical access at South Korea’s busiest port. By reducing the time taken to access the cranes, the industrial elevators allow operators and service personnel to work more efficiently.

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Alimak industrial elevators deliver efficient and reliable vertical access for ports and shipyards.

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Why choose an Alimak vertical access solution

Minimise climbing and manual handling 

Tried and tested technology 

Range of car sizes and capacities 

Explosion proof available

Service and Support


A comprehensive range of maintenance services are available and carried out by trained Alimak Service technicians to ensure the ongoing optimal performance of equipment. 

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 Connectivity and asset management solutions report on the efficiency of Alimak products and provide support to prolong the product lifecycle. 

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Alimak’s engineers develop customer-focused solutions for demanding installations. Tailored solutions include configuration drawings as well as strength, ground load and anchor force calculations.

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A range of safety, installation and operator training courses are available for Alimak’s range of products. 

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Alimak offers flexible finance solutions ranging from deferred payment terms, Export Finance to financial leases.

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Building Information Modelling is available for simulations, installations and the integration of Alimak products at any point in a project. 

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