Region: Asia

Alimak’s extensive range of vertical access solutions such as construction hoists and industrial elevators are tried and trusted the world over in a broad range of demanding settings. This commitment to excellence in quality and functionality for each individual project is also true of Alimak’s range of warehouse elevators which are designed to service the particular needs of this industry. 

The Mah Pte Ltd, showroom and warehouse in Singapore carries world-leading motor brands including Triumph, Aprilia, Vespa and Indian. Vertical transport solutions for these large and heavy machines are a vital part of operations with a safe, efficient and reliable system being required to move the bikes between the ground floor, the showroom, the third level workshop and the fourth level warehouse. 

Mah had previously been utilising an aging elevator for this purpose but the expert Alimak team were able to deliver a more appropriate solution for their needs. The new Alimak SC-IND 45 FC warehouse elevator is capable of lifting up to 1,000kg at speeds of up to 36m/s while the famously rugged rack and pinion design means there was no requirement for an elevator shaft. This presented a practical and cost-effective solution which could be easily retrofitted within the tight space available for the existing building layout. 

The Alimak elevator has proven to be an indispensable investment in the smooth and efficient day to day operations and Mah has therefore wisely chosen to engage Alimak in an ongoing maintenance agreement to ensure this key investment is optimised long into the future. 

The full range of Alimak SC industrial elevators are ideal for the transportation of passengers and materials. The elevators offer efficiency, safety and low cost of ownership to deliver on vertical access requirements in various industrial environments. The SC range is fitted with Alimak’s ALC lift control system with internal fault diagnostics. Standard capacities range from 2,000 kg to 3,200 kg with an explosion-proof model also available with a 1,500 kg capacity. 


Location: Mah Pte Ltd, Singapore

Application type: Motorbike workshop and warehouse

Elevator type: Rack and pinion

Elevator model: Alimak SC-IND 45 FC

Capacity: 1,000 kg

Elevator car size: 1.4 x 3.0 m (W x L)

Speed: 36 m/min.

No. of landings: 4

Lifting height: 13 m


According to Global Cement Magazine, Tangshan Jidong Cement Co., Ltd. has been ranked as the world’s sixth-largest cement manufacturer.

The busy cement production facility at Tongchuan will benefit significantly from a ready-to-use industrial elevator based on Alimak’s tried and tested rack and pinion drive technology.

As in many varied industrial applications, the vertical access solution for the plant’s important preheater tower was required to meet several specific transport requirements for the demanding industrial application. The solution delivered was made possible through Alimak’s innovative rack and pinion drive system located above the elevator car itself. As a result, there was no need for a shaft or a separate machine room, a critical feature due to the limited space available. The reliable and robust design engineered by Alimak is also uniquely well-suited to harsh industrial environments, such as cement production while also offering ease of maintenance and lower operating costs throughout its life.

A dual car, Alimak SL-H industrial elevator with a weight capacity of 2,000kg for each car maximizes the transportation capacity available for the preheater tower, reaching a height of 137 meters. The dual car design also represents significant cost savings compared to two traction elevator units.

In this instance, a pre-configured, ‘ready to use’ industrial elevator system provided by Alimak was the optimal solution, as significant challenges regarding the timescale and the limited area for installation were at the forefront of the project. In addition, the installation was also required to take place during the rainy season, adding further challenges.  

A tight schedule was met to avoid undue disruption to the operations of the cement plant. With the tower crane only available for a short period, the elevator was used to complete the build of the elevator mast tower, tie-ins, and each of the ten landing areas.

As a result, three expert technicians completed the installation at a safe yet efficient pace in 35 days.


Location: Tongchuan, Shanxi, China

Application type: Cement preheater tower

Elevator model: Alimak SL-H 2000 dual

No. of elevators: 1 dual provided

Payload capacity: 2,000 kg / car

Elevator car size: 1.4 m x 3.0 m x 2.13 m (W x L x H)

Speed: 0.9 m/s

Lifting height: 137 m

No. of landings: 10


Shanxi Changqing Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. Located in the Shanxi Province of China is a busy coal and chemical plant employing over 500 people in the city of Baoji. The nature of this kind of material and chemical processing activity makes the monitoring of emissions a vital part of daily operations and a suitable high quality external vertical access solution was therefore required for the chimney. Alimak was the natural choice to deliver a robust and hard-wearing outdoor industrial elevator based on a strong global reputation as the originator of the tough rack and pinion elevator drive system and an extensive portfolio of successfully deployed elevators for chimneys. 

This particular project presented the additional challenge of an inclined surface with the chimney tapering inwards at an angle of two degrees. In order to achieve the best possible outcome, this necessitated Alimak’s expert team working closely with stakeholders at the plant to develop a complete turnkey vertical access solution ready for immediate use. Accurate force calculations and careful planning were required for the mast section, including foundation and installation, to ensure the SL650 FC elevator would remain level throughout its 65-metre journey. The comprehensive scope of the project also included landing platform modifications and operator training. The modifications to the platform built by the facility were required to ensure appropriate tolerance for the inclined installation. 

This vertical access system will be indispensable in contributing to the continued safe operation of the plant, with four landings allowing facilitating reliable access for gathering measurements as part of the all important continuous emissions monitoring system 

procedures. The elevator itself also features a wireless CCTV system located inside the car which provides a live feed to a remote monitoring centre, contributing further to effective safe working practices. 

The bespoke solution this project demanded represent a number of firsts for the Alimak team including the first installation of an SL model industrial elevator on a two-degree incline and the first SL elevator to be deployed at a coal and chemical plant. 


Location: Baoji City, Shanxi Province, China 

Applications: Outdoor chimney 

Elevator type: Rack and pinion 

Elevator model: SL650 FC levelling 

Capacity: 650 kg 

Elevator car size: 1040 x 1170 x 2170 mm (WxLxH) 

Speed: 0.4 m/s 

Lifting height: 65m 

No. of landings: 4 

Installation year: 2019 


The Port of Pusan is Korea’s busiest port, with about 50 thousand vessels calling annually. Also one of the world’s largest container ports, it is continually expanding its containerized cargo handling capacity. The port’s expansion includes the construction of a new terminal featuring giant shore-based container handling gantry cranes manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Port Machinery (ZPMC), China. ZPMC has purchased 18 Alimak elevators to provide safe, convenient access to the cranes’ operator’s cabins. By saving time and effort, the elevators allow operators and service personnel to perform their duties much more efficiently and safely.  

Alimak engineers pioneered the use of rack and pinion drive systems for the movement of men and materials, and today, Alimak is the world’s leading manufacturer of rack and pinion vertical access equipment, including a modular range of permanent access elevators as well as traditional construction hoists. The systems are easy to install and, unlike traditional rope operated equipment, require no winding room or supporting elevator shaft.  

Elevator details

Location: Port of Pusan, South Korea

Installation year: 2004

Application: Ship-to-shore gantry cranes

Elevator type: ALIMAK SE 450 FC

No. of elevators: 18

Capacity: 450 kg

Elevator car size: 0.91 m x 1.3 m x 2.17 m (W x L x H)

Speed: 0.8 m/s

Lifting height: Approx.46 m (45.658 m)

Crane manufacturer: ZMPC, China


Two Alimak SC 45/30 construction hoists were utilized in the pier construction of Wenzhou Oujiang North Bridge crossing the Oujiang river in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang province, China. The Alimak hoists provided efficient vertical access for both people and materials. 

 Two Alimak SC 45/30 passenger and material hoists were used during the construction of the bridge pylons at Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China. With a payload capacity of 2,000 kg and a lifting height of 150 meters, and with 1.5 degree inclination with the pylones, the hoists provided efficient vertical access during the concrete slipform construction of the bridge pylones.  

The bridge is a double-deck suspension bridge with three concrete pylons and with the main spans of 2 X 800 m. Both the upper and lower decks of the bridge are designed to carry 6-lane highways.  

Alimak construction hoists have been used for over 50 years in all types of applications around the world. The standard range of Alimak construction hoists offer the optimum transport solution during slipform construction of towers, bridges, buildings and dams. It performs well with inclinations and curves and follows the constantly changing structures during construction. 


Location: Oujiang Bridge Wenzhou City, Zhejiang, China

Application: Bridge construction

Hoist type: ALIMAK SC 45/30 DOL

No. of hoist cars: 2

Capacity/hoist: 2,000 kg

Hoist car size: 1.5 m 3.0 m 2.14 m (W x L x H)

Speed: 36 m/min

Lifting height: 150 m


Carries: Dual 6-lane highway

Crosses: Oujiang river

Design: Double-deck suspension bridge

Longest span: 2 x 800 m


Owned by China’s National Energy Investment Group, the Guodian Suqian Power Plant Units 3 and 4 (660 MW) are not only part of a supercritical secondary reheating unit project but are also involved in a project to develop large units and suppress smaller ones. The Ministry of Science and Technology of China listed it as a science and technology demonstration project. 

 As such, the Guodian Suqian Power Plant opted for an Alimak SL Rack and Pinion elevator for units 3 and 4. This industrial elevator provides ease of access for both passengers and goods weighing up to 600 kg, between the ground level and another two floors. This Alimak elevator solution required minimum preparation in the facility as rack and pinion elevators do not require a costly elevator shaft or machine room to be integrated into the facility structure prior to installation. Each of the tie-ins used to attach the elevator mast tower are fixed to the concrete by chemical bolts. The elevator can, therefore, be installed easily and efficiently. The purpose of the industrial elevator for this chimney application is to transport people to the CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System) to measure emissions. 


Location: Yangbei, Sucheng, Suqian Prefecture, Jiangsu Province, China

Application: Chimney

Elevator type: Rack and pinion

Elevator model: ALIMAK SL 600 FC

No. of elevators: 1

Capacity: 600 kg

Elevator car size: 0.78 m x 1.04 m x 2.17 m

Speed: 0.55 m/s

Lifting height: 60